Toddlers Don't Learn

So now for something on the subject of my  day to day life, as opposed to my writing.

As you may all know, I'm a mother of two daughters, 2 and 6. The two-year-old, affectionately known as Claire-Bear, is one of those "no fear" kids, otherwise known as "trouble." She climbs on everything, gets into everything, figured out how to unlock the child locks pretty early on. Well, the other day I took her to a check up. As part of the normal exam, the doctor looked into her ears and commented that she had "tubes." I blinked.

I will admit that for a moment I thought, "Am I  really so out of it that I forgot my daughter having ear aches and tubes put in?" But even I'm not that scatter brained, so I said, "No, she doesn't." 

"Well, there is something in there. Something green and plastic." 

She had to get a special appointment at the ENT clinic to get whatever it was removed. It wasn't infected; she didn't appear to be in any pain. If not for the check up that week, I never would've known it was in there. I went  over everything that could possibly fit in an ear that might be green and plastic and expected a lego. However, after a tear filled few minutes with me, a corpsman, and the doctor holding her down in the ENT clinic, the doctor pulled out a tiny bead from her ear, not something I've seen before, so she probably picked it up at the park or while playing somewhere. It was tiny. 

She stared at the doctor with hate filled eyes after the procedure even though I don't think it actually hurt her that much (he seemed to be pretty careful  and he was just trying to pull something out of her ear. She was probably more angry about the restraining we did to get her to stop wiggling and pulling away.). I bribed her with an ice cream cone to win back her love, and she seemed none the worse for wear. 

Just now, however, she goes up to her room and gets a lego out of her sister's toys (this time it was a lego) and I look up just in time to see her shove it into her nose.  I caught her in time, this time, and was able to pop it back out before she inhaled it, but OMGOSH! Child! Did you learn nothing from what happened  today? 

I put the legos on top of the fridge, but who knows what else she's going to insert into herself? 
Keeping a close eye on this one.

waiting for her appointment with suspicion in her eyes

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  1. Wow. Mine was the same way. For a while we just had to keep everything small put away. Not the funnest, but it worked. Good luck!

  2. They certainly keep us on our toes! I'm glad your daughter is fine. My eldest daughter had a temperament like hers - didn't like restraints or being told what to do or how to do it. She still fights with me, but nothing verbally abusive or horrible. She's a good kid - now age 16.

    1. Yes. Claire's not malicious either, but she tries everything and wants to do things that she's not ready to do all the time.


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