Beggar Magic: THUNDERCLAP!

I'm trying out a new promotional outlet for the Beggar Magic release, and I would be so grateful for any of you who come along.

Thunderclap is a social  media tool that allows you to organize your fans  to spread a message. To view the Thunderclap page for Beggar Magic click here.

It's a very easy process. You simply click and authorize  Thunderclap to post on one or more of your social media sites (Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter are the current options). Now don't worry about this being spammy. It will only send out  a single post on the day of the promotion (December 9th) (you can view the tweet by clicking the link above).

That's the easy part. The hard part is that at least 100 people have to agree to support my Thuderclap for it to qualify at all. . .and I'm currently at 14.

Please consider clicking on the link and helping me spread the word about Beggar Magic. As always you  can pre-order the book  on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Beggar Magic

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  1. I'm sure you can ask Mother Daughter Book Reviews to get the word out. You might have to pay her something, but I think your Beggar Magic would suit both Middle Grade and YA and she just did a promotion for Adventure Quest Books for that age range. I'm heading over to Thunderclap now.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, unfortunately, though, I just paid out my entire remaining yearly budget for this writing venture to an illustrator who is working with me on my next project, so I'm only doing free promotions until sales pick up and I can justify some more expenses.


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