Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Read Dragon's Curse

Reasons why you should NOT buy Dragon's Curse 
by H. L. Burke

  •  It may cause you to develop sympathies towards dragons.
  •  There are a lot of other things you could buy with 99 cents, like Twizzlers. 
  • Reading is dangerous. Dragons are dangerous. Reading+Dragons=Super Dangerous. 
  • 9 out of 10 knights agree, Dragon's Curse is dragon fancier propaganda. 
  •  It is the gateway drug to the rest of the Dragon and the Scholar Saga. Not even once!

  • However, if you are the rebellious type, with a fondness for sarcastic dragons and slightly scatterbrained but tenacious and kind hearted scholars, perhaps you should consider clicking the link below and picking up a copy of Dragon's Curse by H. L. Burke