True North: Lands of Ash excerpt.

From tonight's NaNoWriMo writing:

“You are my  true north,” he whispered.
She looked up, her eyebrows forming a v. “What?”

He scratched the back of his neck, feeling awkward. “With a compass, it always points the same way. You can go south, but if you look at the compass, it always steers you north. No matter where I go, even if I am called to the other side of the world, my arrow, my compass point, is you. That’s . . . that’s what keeps me going, and I will fight with all I am worth for you, for Quill and Trea . .. for Ketyl, too, to an extent, though he does pretty  well on his own.”

Not everything from the first draft makes it into the end product, but I hope this one does.


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