Claire and Santa

Today we went to the library just to go to the library and found out it was Santa Day at story time. Coryn loudly announced that Santa wasn't real, but I told her not to ruin it for little kids and she subsided. However, Claire had the oddest reaction to the whole thing. I know Claire has seen Santa in books and on television, but we haven't exactly told her about him, and it is so hard to peg what she knows and doesn't know (Claire does not really talk. Probably because she almost always has a pacifier in her mouth.).
Still the moment she saw the guy in the big red suit, Claire was entranced. She sat quietly through story time, which is normally not something she can do. Claire is one of those kids who likes to turn the pages and point at things in the book and do all sorts of other things not allowed in group story times. Today, however, she glued herself onto my lap and just stared as Santa read a story. Then when kids started to get on his lap, she edged towards the front of the room.
When her turn came she just sat on his lap and soaked it in. She didn't talk. She didn't act frightened or excited. She just chilled on Santa's lap for a minute or two while he talked to her about bringing her presents for Christmas. Then she got down and went about her day.
I don't really care one way or another about Santa. It wasn't a tradition growing up, but I'm not opposed to the idea either. I just kind of let Coryn make up her own mind which led to her being vaguely interested (when she was Claire's age she called him Ho Ho and would point him out in pictures) followed by a swift realization that he wasn't a real thing. Claire can be standoffish with strangers, but for some reason, Santa was an exception. 


  1. How very cute! I'm glad Claire enjoyed Santa. :)

    I was always the kid who screamed bloody murder when my parents made me sit on Santa's lap. I didn't trust that guy. :p

    1. Yeah, Coryn used to take forever to work up courage to see him. Claire wanted to. I try not to make them do things like that if they don't want to. I don't need the santa photo every year or anything like that.


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