Update: Christmas is Coming Edition

So to start off, I won NaNoWriMo in that I finished my 50k word count.

However, I'm in no way finished with Lands of Ash. I'm not even close. Usually I come out of November with 50k and a finished novel, or at least an almost finished novel. I passed 50k and I think I'm roughly at the novel's halfway point as far as plot progression and what not goes. I've never written anything this long before. I like it.

I took a little bit of a break when I hit 50k and plan to slowly start up again writing to  the end of the piece, but with Christmas and the release of Beggar Magic coming up quickly, I'm going to pace myself. Honestly, the only reason I finished NaNo this year was the shirt. I really wanted that shirt.
See? It has a dragon on it!

There was a part of me about halfway  through that thought, "You know, I've proven I can do this two years in a row. I have also proven I can regularly produce work without the pressure of this event. Why am I trying to push myself to put out double my  usual word count every day? I should just not and rest on my laurels."

And then I saw the shirt. I can't resist dragons, and it would be unethical  to buy the shirt if I didn't actually win, so I pushed onward.

Anyway, that's done. Now I have other things up coming, including Christmas.
Being a somewhat obsessive online shopper, I'm done with that (and have been done with it for a while. I generally start thinking of Christmas shopping around Halloween), but nothing is decorated and won't be for a while because  of remodels of various degrees.

Matt's been finishing the living room/dining room floor so we had Thanksgiving in the kitchen, which for a family of four wasn't so bad. It's almost done
but we are planning to also paint it before we put up the tree and what not, so no decorations for another couple of weeks. We're going to be right up next to Christmas. I'll get a few smaller things out for the kitchen and family room (we were seduced by the low property rates in our area into buying a house with way too many rooms to clean. Seriously, I want to live in a two room cabin next time), but the tree and most of the fun stuff is still in the garage at this point.

The girls brought home these three beauties today, so we have some crafting planned. I'm torn between painting them and covering them in birdseed.
Also the question of "How many days left 'til Christmas?" was starting to  get really old so I made this chain with a paperlink for each day remaining. There's a small Christmas activity (bake cookies, watch a Christmas movies, give the neighbors a gift) on each link.

So what else is going on. . . Claire is finally showing some interest in potty training and it has been equal parts amusing and frustrating.
About half the Halloween candy is gone, but it is mostly the stuff no one likes like twizzlers and laffy taffy left.
I've been messing around with different promotion types. I still need likes for my thunderclaps.
If you want to help out this one supports my Free Day promotion for Dragon's Curse and this one does a release day shout out for Beggar Magic. 
Oh! And I'm really excited about Beggar Magic which is releasing in 8 days! You can join the Facebook launch party here.
Pre-orders have been lower for Beggar Magic than they were for Dragon's Bride, but I am hoping this just means more people will buy it on the actual release day. If you do want to pre-order you can by  clicking the link below.
Beggar Magic

Anyway, Merry Christmas and I'll be checking in with you again soon!