Review: A Stitch of Honor

I'm really focused on "shorts" right now in my reading. It takes me forever to work through a novel, but I've been finding all sorts of deals on short stories and novellas and consuming those at a quick rate.

Here's one of the "small treasures" I've found. (you can purchase it through the link)
A Stitch of Honor
I don't read a ton of hard SciFi, but I'm familiar enough with the genre that it doesn't scare me. Plus this piece was character driven which I liked. 
Here's the blurb:
Captain Jefferies, of the research starship Pulsar, is on his way home after a long mission in deep space. He's looking forward to real coffee and time with his wife--and he's certainly not interested in that knitting kit that she sent with him. 

When his ship is attacked by a hostile enemy ship, Jefferies finds his ship infected with an alien virus that kills randomly--and he's hauling it back to Earth. 

Now quarantined in high orbit, Jefferies begins knitting a scarf for each of his sick men, partly to pass the time while waiting for the virus to claim him, and partly as a gesture of honor. But will any of them survive the quarantine?

I found this to be a quick paced story with a surprising amount of heart. It started out almost to fast paced for my tastes but once the bomb turned out to be not what I had expected things to a dramatic and rather poignant turn.
If you are looking for something to devour in a half hour, I recommend A Stitch of Honor by K. M . Carroll.