Review: Adventure on Nemesis Mountain

Not really part of my review, just a musing, but the name of this mountain is a little bit on the nose.

Emilio would rather eat a slimy worm than miss the fifth grade field trip. Nemesis Mountain must be full of rare leaf specimens and bugs for his collection. Besides, he needs a break from the playground and Hans’s nonstop teasing. His excitement is squashed when he gets lost in the woods with his worst enemy. 

Alone in the forest, the two boys battle to survive the harsh wilderness, facing challenges that will change their lives forever.

I felt a little bit like I wasn't the intended audience while reading this book, so my review is going to be less my opinions (which are kind of like "it was okay, but it didn't excite me") and more around the lines of, "Who do I think will enjoy this book?"
I don't usually like to say something is "for boys" because my daughter likes super heroes and "creepy stuff" (as she puts it) but this book is very cut and dry, facts not feelings. It involves conflict resolution and bullying (at an appropriate level for the 8 to 12 crowd) but I couldn't really get under the skin of either character. The one boy antagonizes the other, and then they get lost in the woods together and have to rely on each other to get out. 
But all the interactions were very masculine. 
It does have some interesting parts girls might enjoy (you don't have to be a boy to enjoy the moments of danger and excitement). It's just that the characters seemed to be speaking so specifically in "boy" that I think there are better options for most girl readers. 

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Adventure on Nemesis Mountain