Review: The Borderlands

This is the first full length novel I've read through in a long while. I've been very much focused on shorts lately. They're just easier for me to fit into my life.

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The Borderlands (Book One): Journey

This book starts out with a fish out of water protagonist with a very unpleasant family situation, unpopular at school, friends only with an elderly homeless man who she dreams of escaping on a sail boat with for a summer trip. However, sometimes she sees things she can't explain (auras and visions) and remembers speaking and playing with sprites as a child, before people around her, including her disapproving mother, convinced her this was insane.
However, as things get progressively worse at school and home, she determines to run away. An unexpected act of violence makes this even more essential and she finds herself setting off alone on a sail boat trying to find shelter . . .but does she even belong in this world at all?

A lot of things that bugged me initially while reading the book made sense in the end. Like her mother being so awful, to me, seemed indefensible and extreme, but there was a reason for it.

Honestly, my favorite parts of the book were her in the sail boat, fighting for her life, learning to survive. While I am generally a fantasy fan, the parts with more fantastic elements, towards the end, felt a little bit like a new book, maybe leading up to a sequel, which I would happily read, but the boat and the adventure was definitely the most interesting section to me.

Since the book is labeled YA, I will mention there is some crude language scattered about, so I wouldn't say this is for the younger side of YA. With some of the plot points and the age of the character, it is right on the cusp of NA, though. I think the book is well suited for +17 plus and adults, in spite of the teen protagonist