Review: Christmas with the Black Sheep

A little out of season, I know, but I hesitated posting this review for a few reasons. 
Reason A is that while I try to read broadly across genres, I don't read a ton of romance/romance. I read fantasy romance and fairy tale romance, but just boy meets girl in the real world, not so much. Oddly, I find the relationships in FANTASY romances to be so much more real than those in the few regular old every day romances I've read recently. Maybe because they usually have something else of importance/interest to do rather than just moon over each other and get into stupid fights about nothing. 
Also, I hate to be harsh about typos and misspellings. I'm an indie author myself who can't afford a proofreader, and I know that some of my books have typos that slipped into print. Heck, the last traditionally published book I read (not a mom and pop press either, it was through Hyperion) had two typos glaring out at me. You do what you can, but this was a pretty short book (44 pages), and I found at least three errors, once of which made a sentence incomprehensible. That said, it wasn't error riddled. Three is not unforgivable in this game.

There were places sentences did not make sense, repeated words, bad punctuation, little things that could be fixed by a good edit. Also I didn't buy him going straight from not recognizing her to deeply in love. I wished they'd been childhood friends or something.
But the writing was decent and the main character likable enough. On Amazon I gave this book three stars. On here I'm giving a caveat that I don't read a lot of romance and I know that typos happen.