Review: The Clockwork Dragon

The Clockwork Dragon is a series of short stories with a shared vein written by multiple authors. All involve wrestling with temptation and possibly possession and are wrapped around a mysterious golden dragon statue.

As an added bonus, this compilation is free on Amazon (you should double check before you buy. I can't guarantee it will still be free when you are reading this) and you can download it through the link below.
The Clockwork Dragon

As with any compilation, there were some stories I really liked and some that didn't resonate with me at all. There was a very similar style to a lot of the stories but that made the ones that broke the mold all the better. I think it is best read one or two at a time rather than the whole collection in one sitting.
My only complaint is that some of the worlds felt out of place. Most of the stories took place in "our" world, but there were a couple of side trips into fairy land and "who knows where" that seemed not to fit with the general mood. I also would've liked to see the stories have more of a connecting thread and maybe a chronology. As standalone stories they don't need it but since they all were in such a similar vein anyway, I think it would have improved the experience.
I will say there is one story that made me tear up, and that doesn't happen a lot. I'm a fairly jaded reader, in spite of my somewhat fluffy tastes.