Why I Bedazzled my Vacuum . . . house keeping and the stay-at-home-writer

My mother-in-law got Coryn this adhesive gem craft set for her birthday. Since then, I've found the shiny little things pretty much everywhere. They stick too, so if they end up on the floor you can't sweep them or vacuum them up. You have to peel them up.
Now once I peel them up, I could walk them over to the garbage . . . or I could hold them in my hand until I'm done vacuuming, but always one for a simpler solution, I've started sticking them onto my vacuum cleaner. I rather like the effect.

One thing I struggle with as a stay-at-home-mom AND stay-at-home-writer is definitely cleaning. It's never been my favorite activity, and now that I have a second job, it is much easier for me to sit in front of a computer and write or market or edit than it is to make myself vacuum, dust, wash, rinse, repeat. 

However, until I make enough to hire a maid, it's kind of the job I agreed to when we came up with the me at home, him at work arrangement. 
Still, I sometimes have to come up with interesting ways to make myself keep up on it, and one of these is apparently vacuum bedazzlement.