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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dragon's Curse FREE Days

Dragon's Curse will be free for 5 days starting March 31st. Pick up your copy through the link below and spread the word!

Dragon's Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar Book 1)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: The Veil of Smoke

I reviewed  the first book in this series The Place of Voices (TimeDrifter Series) (Volume 1)
and loved it, so when I saw book two in a "free copy in exchange for a review list" I was like SCORE! I grabbed it. I was not disappointed. 

I think I loved this book even more than the first one in the series. For one thing it kept the plot going without resorting to a frenetic pace (which I can't stand) and thoroughly explored the time period without being info dumpy or bogging me down in details I'm disinterested in. I still like the characters and I love the non-linear aspect of it, three people from different time period brought into ancient Rome. The plot was less predictable than the last one because it didn't follow an allegorical pattern, which made for a better story while not sacrificing the message.
I really want to read the next one now!

You can purchase this book through the link below:

The Veil of Smoke (TimeDrifter Series Book 2)

Experience the final days of Pompeii in book two of the TimeDrifter Series. This harrowing historical fantasy unfolds through the eyes of the doomed city’s inhabitants, along with a trio of time traveling misfits. Their old nemesis, known as Basilius in Pompeii, charms others as he counters their every attempt. The fate of another relies on their ability to dodge Basilius’s efforts and escape before time runs out for Pompeii. Will they be willing to forfeit a future for what they hold most dear? Sometimes great risk is required to achieve a greater calling. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blog Tour: Best Friends…Forever? (Landry’s True Colors Series) by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Best Friends…Forever? (Landry’s True Colors Series) by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Good friends have your back, but some go behind it.
Landry Albright hopes the new year will start off in an amazing way—instead she has to deal with more frenemy issues, boy drama, and having most of her best friends make the cheerleading squad without her. Suddenly, it seems like all anyone can talk about is starting high school next year—something she finds terrifying.
Landry gets her first boyfriend, but then gets dumped just as things come to a head with her friends. She feels lost and left out, but finds good advice about dealing with frenemies from what she considers an unlikely source. Landry faces having to speak up for what’s right, tell the truth (even when it hurts), and how to get past the fear of failure as she gets another shot at competing in the American Ingénue modeling competition.

I got ready for bed and then stopped to check my social media page one more time and that's when I saw it — another picture of Peyton, India, and Devon hanging out. They were sitting on the couch with their heads scrunched close together and laughing. It was a cute picture, but then I saw the caption: So glad we could all be together for the holidays. Love these guys soooo much! Best friends forever. #Alltogether #Threemusketeers #BestFriendsForever #ThreeBestFriends #ThreesCompany.
My heart sank. It was India’s caption and anyone who read it would think what a closeknit group of friends and not realize anyone was missing from that photo. Sure, I was in another state, so naturally I couldn’t be there for it, but the way India wrote that made me feel so left out. I mean, what did she mean by the "ʺThree’s Company"ʺ hashtag? And sometimes people tagged friends who weren’t there in pictures and added, "ʺWish you were here,"ʺ but there was no mention of a fourth member of the group.
“Ready for bed, hon?” Mom asked coming into my room.
“Yeah, just signing off.”
“Okay, sleep well.”
I got into bed and hoped I was reading into things, but the knot in my stomach wouldn’t go away.
Excerpt 2:
“Landry, it’s gotta be so awkward for you to be going to Vladi’s school next year,” Tori said. “I mean, what if you run into him during the tour?"
"It’s a huge place,ʺ Ashanti said. “People break up all the time. It’s not a big deal.ʺ
Tori raised her eyebrows as if to say, “Yeah, right,” and went back to her sandwich. Meanwhile my delicious homemade soup was no longer sitting well. It never occurred to me Vladi might be around during the first prefreshman tour. I would be mortified if I ran into him and he was with a girl. Or worse yet, running into him, and he was with Yasmin. Plus, I hadn’t told my mom about the breakup, so if she saw him, she’d probably go over to talk to him. I could already imagine it: “Landry, Vladi’s here! Hon? Why are you hiding behind the garbage can? Your boyfriend, Vladi, is here. Come say, ‘hello.’ Stop trying to run away. Why is everyone laughing and pointing at you and calling you a ‘loser dumpee?’ What does that mean?”
Well, maybe the world would end and I wouldn’t have to deal with high school or Vladi and my mother running into each other.
Sadly, the world did not end, and on Thursday, we all had to go to the high school for a freshman information night from 6 to 9 p.m.

Krysten Lindsay Hager is the author of the Landry’s True Colors Series, a clean reads young adult series. Krysten writes about  friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, middle school and high school, frenemies, modeling, crushes, values, and self-image in both True Colors and Best Friends…Forever?
Krysten is an Amazon international bestselling author and book addict who has never met a bookstore she didn’t like. She’s worked as a journalist and writes middle grade, YA, humor essays, and adult fiction. She is originally from Michigan and has lived in Portugal, South Dakota, and currently resides in Southern Ohio where you can find her reading and writing when she’s not catching up on her favorite shows. She received her master’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.
What people are saying about True Colors (Landry’s True Colors Series Book One):
From Teenage Book Recommendations in the UK: "This is a fantastically relatable and real book which I feel captures all of the insecurities and troubles which haunt the modern teenage girl. It is about a young model who has to go through tough times when she is torn between a life as a model and managing her friendships. You learn which friends she can most trust and which will create the drama typical of teenage life. Follow the life of Landry and try to see if you can find out which are her true friends before their true colours are revealed. This book is all about relationships, hopes and truth. I loved this book!"
From Books & Authors Spot: “This book is such an inspiration for those who just care about their looks and are tensed about them. This thing is looks aren't everything. This book is related to every teen's problem. Hager has written a very inspiring novel.”
Buy Links:
Amazon international: http://authl.it/B00UIP1N5S
Connect with Krysten:

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tour: The Seer by Cynthia D. Witherspoon

Blurb of The Seer by Cynthia D. Witherspoon

The past will foretell the future.

Eva McRayne has seen a lot during her short time as the Sibyl. She's spoken to
the dead. Fought against the Erinyes. But when she is faced by an entity no
one dares to speak of, Eva must strike back or lose the only thing she has ever

Excerpt of The Seer by Cynthia D. Witherspoon –
Available March 1, 2015

I ran as if my life depended on it. Somehow, even in this twisted nightmare of mine, I knew that it did. 
Branches snapped back against my skin as I pushed through them. Leaves were crushed beneath my boots. The silence was the most unnerving part. I could feel. I could see. But there was no sound whatsoever. 
Gone were the usual whispers which haunted my dreams. Gone were the voices of those long dead who clamored for my attention. 
I was more alone than ever. Abandoned and discarded by the gods and dead alike. 
I pressed against a tree in an attempt to hide long enough to catch my breath. My lungs were on fire. My legs ached from my run. Yet the moment I stopped, all hell broke loose. The silence was shattered as my hearing returned. 
Dogs howled as they closed the narrow gap I had managed to make. Men shouted words I couldn’t understand as they gave chase. Hooves pounded against the forest floor and I knew they were coming for me. 
This was it. The end. 
And it was all for nothing. 
I was convinced my heart was going to burst out of my chest as I resumed my flight. But to stop now would be my downfall. To slow down would be my demise.  
Even as I ran, I understood my enemies’ fear. I was an unnatural. A monster made by a vengeful god. And I had done something horrible. Unspeakable. I knew this. I could feel my victim’s blood stiffening my clothes as each minute passed. 
I just couldn’t remember what I had done. Had I struck out against Cyrus? Elliot? Joey? 
Impossible. I wouldn’t hurt them. Hell, I wouldn’t hurt anyone without justification to do so. 
Would I? 
Flashes of memory flickered behind my eyes in a blur that matched the trees I was passing. Cyrus’ golden sword slashing downward. Hazel eyes widening with surprise. The sword coming down once more before the life in those eyes diminished. 
I stumbled as a loud explosion knocked me forward. I slammed against the ground with a plea for mercy as dogs circled around me. The first rider slid his horse to a stop just short of where I had landed. 
You will murder no one else in this land, Skinwalker.” 
Skinwalker?  I felt relief despite the fear gripping my heart. They were after someone else. Of course I wasn’t a murderer. I could be freed from this if the man would listen to me. 
No, please.” I managed as the man pressed the muzzle of his gun against my temple. “You’ve got to believe me. You’re wrong. I am not a Skinwalker. I don’t even know what that is. I am the Sibyl.” 
Either way, I will see you dead for what you have done.” 
The resounding shot was deafening until the silence returned and with it, an eternal darkness my soul was all too familiar with. 


I woke up screaming. Grabbing for anything steady enough to make the shaking of my body stop. Before I could collapse into the tears threatening to overwhelm me, Cyrus pulled me into his embrace. 
Hush, Little One. It was only a dream. You are safe.” 
I buried my face into his chest as I willed myself to calm down. He was right. There was no gunman here. No one was chasing me. I was secure in my condo on the outskirts of Los Angeles in the arms of a man who would go to Hades before any harm came to me. 
I knew this. I relished in the sweet security Cyrus provided. But now, it did nothing to stop the pounding of my heart or my head. I was still in the grip of my nightmare and it did not want to let me go. 
I had to get ahold of myself. I breathed in Cyrus’ scent of old liquor and counted to five. It didn’t help. All I could see was the man on horseback with his gun. 
Here.” Cyrus pulled away just enough to press a glass between us. “Drink this. It should do wonders to calm your nerves, Eva.” 
One, I am not awake enough for whiskey. And two,” I pushed the cup away. “I’m fine. Just a little rattled.” 
Rattled, is it?” Cyrus put the glass down on my bedside table. “You’ve woken up screaming for the past three nights. Each time I end up having to change shirts because your tears have soaked them through.  That is not what I call fine.” 
I shuddered as he reached out to brush my hair away from my face. After a moment, Cyrus broke the silence between us.  
The Erinyes?” 
No. Worse.”  
I thanked Apollo that the nightmares of little girls with demon eyes had not made an appearance tonight. I could still hear them giggling over the fight I had been forced into over Elliot’s soul. I shook my head to get rid of the memory as I switched on the lamp beside my bed with a glance over to my alarm clock. It was just after six in the morning. 
 “Look, you know I’m no good at talking about things I don’t want to. Don’t push me, Cyrus.” 
Will coffee help?” Cyrus gave me a crooked smile as he offered me his hand. “I bought a new bag yesterday for you.” 
Coffee always helps.”  
I took his hand and let him lead me into the kitchen. Once Cyrus had deposited me at the table, he busied himself with my coffeemaker while I tried to forget the images trying to return to my head. 
Running through a forest. Chased down by men on horseback. The sound of the final gunshot. 
My nightmare was always the same. There had been no fluctuations to it over the past three nights. No break in the action. Cyrus had tried to calm me before by saying the bad dreams were nothing more than a workplace hazard. Images born out of the horrible stories of death I had to tell on my television show. But I knew better. What I was seeing wasn’t just the product of haunted houses. They were either memories or premonitions. 
And I didn’t believe in premonitions. 
One mug with enough sugar to put you in a coma,” Cyrus sat my favorite yellow coffee mug in front of me. “And just enough coffee to give it taste.” 
Bless you, Cyrus.” I cradled it in my hands. The warmth was soothing. The smell alone was enough to chase away the rest of my lingering fears. “You are the best keeper ever.” 
I know.” He grinned. “I’m also your only keeper, so you better take advantage of it.” 
Cyrus switched from playful to serious in two seconds flat. He tapped his fingers against the tabletop as he spoke. “Come on, Little One. Talk to me. Perhaps we can find a way to put a stop to this dream of yours.” 
It’s not just any dream.” I shrugged as I swallowed my drink. “Besides, can you even stop such a thing? I’m sorry, Stick, but I don’t think you can protect me from this one.” 
Cyrus awarded me with another crooked smile at the use of my nickname for him. But what I had said was true. As my keeper, Cyrus was bound to protect me from any spirit who wished to do me harm that I came in contact with as the Sibyl. That was his duty to Apollo just as mine was in using spirit communication to bring him followers. But dreams were different than ghosts.  
No. This was a battle I would have to fight on my own. 
During my time, it was believed that there were two types of dreams.” Cyrus leaned forward to rest his elbows on the table. “The insomnium, which could be interpreted, and the somnium which foretold the future. Do you believe this is a dream of prophecy?”  
No.” I snapped before I could stop myself. I took a breath, muttered an apology, and started over. “At least, I hope to the gods it’s not.” 
Because it is horrible.” I muttered again as I stared into the remains of my coffee as if it had the answers. “I die, Cyrus. Shot in the head.” 
My keeper didn’t argue with me. He didn’t need to remind me that I had no need to fear death. As the Sibyl, I was an immortal until I chose to relinquish my role. But since I’d broken the ancient mirror used to pass the powers of my position from one girl to another, I knew there was no way I could ever be replaced.  
No, instead of arguing, Cyrus did the most annoying thing. He went silent. It was up to me to fill in the gaps as he waited for an explanation. I didn’t know why I couldn’t talk about what I’d seen. And I couldn’t explain my reaction to it. After all, it was just a stupid dream. So I gave in to his silent treatment and started talking. 
I told Cyrus everything; from the forest to the murder to the gunshot which never failed to wake me up. When I was finished, I glanced over to see that his expression had gone dark.  
Well, oh wise one?” I took the final gulp of my now cold coffee. “What do you think? Is this some vengeful spirit looking to find the men who killed him? Is it indeed a prophecy and I am killed somehow? Or have I finally gone completely insane thanks to this whole talking-to-the-dead business?” 
Alright, Eva.” Cyrus held up his hand to shush me. “I get your point. Yet despite your sarcasm, you may just be correct.” 
That I’m insane?” 
No, silly girl.” Cyrus clasped his hand over mine. “Remember, if you will, that even in your sleep the spirits can still contact you. It is when you are the most vulnerable. I do not believe that this is a nightmare at all. I think it is a memory.” 
So do I. But who does it belong to? And why do I tell the shooter that he has the wrong person? That I’m the Sibyl?” 
I do not know.” Cyrus shook his head. “I think we are asking the wrong questions though. I am curious as to what this monster is. What was it called again?” 
A skinwalker.” 
I will see what I can find out while you are in your meeting this morning. What time do you have to be there?” 
Eight-thirty.” I stood and rinsed out my coffee mug. “Since we are finished with the contract negotiations for season two, Connor wants all the paperwork signed by the time Joseph gets into the office.” 
I was drying off the mug when Cyrus came up behind me. He took the dishrag away from me before putting his hands on my shoulders. My keeper turned me to face him before he wrapped his arms around me. I closed my eyes as my heart flipped at his touch. Say what you will about Cyrus, but he was good to me. And he had the most amazing ability to raise my blood pressure. I felt myself blushing as he brushed a single kiss of my ear before he whispered. 
I will keep you safe, Little One. Monsters or no, you will have nothing to fear in this life.” 

*** End of Excerpt ***

Author Bio:

Cynthia D. Witherspoon is an award winning writer of Southern Gothic, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy. She has been published in numerous anthologies since 2009. Her work has appeared in several award winning collections including Dark Tales of Ancient  Civilizations (2012) and PellucidLunacy (2010).


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blog Tour: Daniel the Camp-er

Let's give a big Camp Bigfoot hello to S. J. Henderson's brand new Middle Grade novel, DANIEL THE CAMP-ER! Stick around the bonfire, here, to learn more about this deliciously fantastic tale, and be sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a $10 Amazon card or your very own copy of DANIEL THE CAMP-ER.

Now grab a S'more and let's get this party started...


DTC cover

There are a few simple rules Daniel follows.

Rule One: never let an adult see your weakness. Daniel made that mistake and look where he ended up—summer camp.

Rule Two: never make fun of the person who feeds you, unless you like Miss Gunderson’s peppery pancakes and green hamburgers.

Rule Three: stay away from girls who love Glitter Ponies. They have cooties, after all.

And Rule Four: never, ever lose your magic pencil.

But Daniel has broken all of his own rules. Now he’s stuck and starving at Camp Bigfoot with the school bully as his bunkmate and an ooey-gooey girl who won’t leave him alone. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, his prized possession, a pencil that brings his drawings to life, has gone missing and wacky creatures are popping up all over camp.

Can Daniel survive Camp Bigfoot and find his magic pencil before it’s too late?

About the Series

DANIEL THE CAMP-ER is the second book in the DANIEL THE DRAW-ER series. The first book in the series, DANIEL THE DRAW-ER, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and as an audiobook on Audible and iTunes.

Although Daniel’s adventures were written for boys and girls between 6 and 12, readers of all ages have found themselves swept up in these silly and imaginative stories. Fans of Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid will appreciate the humor in the DANIEL THE DRAW-ER books, and parents and teachers will appreciate the lack of potty humor and themes of friendship and loyalty. And fun. Can’t forget fun.


Annie catches up with me as I creep closer to the edge of the forest. Her eyes grow wide. “Why is there a moose wearing a cowboy hat here?”

“He likes soccer?” I shrug. “And that’s a sombrero, not a cowboy hat.”

“Whatever it is, I know you did this, Daniel. Are you crazy?”

“I didn’t mean to, but I must’ve grabbed the wrong pencil when I was getting my things ready. Oops.”

“Yeah, oops.” She rubs her face with her hands. “At least he looks friendly and doesn’t shoot laser beams from his eyes.”

I cringe. “Oops.”

“What do you mean, ‘oops’?” Annie latches onto me with her fingers and squeezes so tight my arm goes numb for a second. I wish people would hurt me in other places besides just my arms. There are lots of other parts of my body they could pick, but no. Everyone picks the arm, which gets super-sore, and then I start drawing stuff like a-moose-that-should-be-a-bear. So, if you ask me, this isn’t my fault.

The moose lifts up his head and snorts, sending balls of green flame into the dirt.

“Oops,” I say again, flashing a guilty smile.

Annie ducks behind me to protect herself from the moose’s attack. “Erase it, Daniel.”

Which is what I mean to do, really. I have the eraser on the pencil line making up the moose’s right nostril when he looks me right in the eye and says, “Stop! Please!”

Get the Book




a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meet S. J. Henderson


S. J. Henderson is the author of the DANIEL THE DRAW-ER series, as well as several not-yet-published Young Adult novels.

S. J. lives in Michigan with her husband and four wild boys. When she is not writing about talking cats and magic pencils, S. J. can usually be found riding one of her family’s horses or drinking a little bit of coffee with her creamer.

Connect with S. J.







Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I only recently finished the first draft of Lands of Ash, but I'm already working with my cover designer. This is an image that she came up with for my 'smoke monster' (in the book they are called "The Charred.") which we decided was too "horror/ghost story" to be the main focus of the cover (so back to the drawing board) but it is a very good representation of this particular creature, so I am sharing it around anyway. What do you think?
Are you afraid of my smoke monster?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Typo in Boxcar Children

I was reading The Boxcar Children with Coryn today and found a typo. 
See, they don't just happen in Indie books! 
Can you see it?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Thaddeus Free Day Re-Caps

I want to thank everyone who downloaded Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon during its free day promotion. I was very happy with how things went. This was the first time I've ever broken the top 100 free books on Amazon (though I only got to 95 at the highest point), and the book was number one for free in two different Amazon categories (Children's/Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery as well as Fairy Tales!).

Here's a screen shot I took of my rankings:

(95 happened while I was sleeping so I only know about it because I use Authorgraph  to track my ranking)
The book is still free through Kindle Unlimited, and $2.99 for the ebook. You can purchase it through the link below.
Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon

Altogether, Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon  was downloaded 3,610 times during its free days. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Review: Chickens, Hawks, and Grumpy Goats

About the book . . .

S.A. Molteni is well loved for her essays on hobby farming and animal husbandry - from the pain of losing a cherished pet cow and calf during childbirth to the sweetness of spending Christmas Eve in a manger with two Jersey cow babies. 

In this new collection of short stories, she poignantly and reflectively brings to the surface the highs and lows of living on a hobby farm and the deep connection that a farmer has to her animals. 

From predatory hawk attacks on her beloved chickens, to a goat with an attitude, to bottle-feeding a calf, along with a fictional tale based on Chicken Little, the narratives give a condensed version of the best times and the worst times during her past five years on a hobby farm.

My Take . . . 

I'm a picky reader, and this is not my "usual" genre (fantasy buff here), but this book was awesome. I devoured it in about a half hour. It's actually a series of short stories all written either about animals or from the point of view of animals. In books like this, there is usually at least one story that just doesn't do it for me, but I like ALL of these ones. My favorite was probably the second. I laughed out loud in two places (Chicken Little going to therapy for survivor's guilt). There was just a dark but playful humor to it.
Story One was almost Richard Adams as it detailed the struggles of a family of hawks during the winter.
The story about the spoiled goat also made me chuckle.
And the Christmas Eve story was straight out of James Herriot.
I grew up on a small farm in Oregon so this resonated really well with me in spite of not being my usual fare. Lots of heart, humor, and the last one made me tear up a little
Easy five stars.
You can purchase through the link below.
Chickens, Hawks and Grumpy Goats: Five Years on a Farm

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trying to make image "ads" for Facebook

Apparently a lot of authors get really good results by sharing posts through Facebook reader posts. I'm friends with some of them, and like clockwork, several times a week, they all post the same image, book links, etc to a series of reader groups in a row. I was skeptical that they get sales that way, but at least one told me that sales actually go down when she takes a week off from doing it, so I thought I'd put aside my "ugh, so spammy" reservations and try and make a few things to share on Facebook. 

The following are my "attempts" to make some share-able book ads for my various books.

For my Dragon and the Scholar Saga, specifically Dragon's Curse

This is my "flagship" book. It's what I sell the most copies of. It's the gateway to my series, and I have it at the tempting price of 99 cents. I have NO idea why the font comes out so fuzzy in image number 2 though. I need to work on that. 

This one is my attempt at humor. "Reasons why you should NOT read Dragon's Curse."

For Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon

This book is aimed at younger readers, and this makes it harder to market. For one thing, younger readers tend to read paperback rather than ebook, so I made this one to advertise a coupon code for the paperback version of the book. I used the lovely painting my illustrator did, which my cover artist had to crop severely to get the book cover format right, so I'm glad I have a reason to share the full image. 

I also borrowed an Ogden Nash rhyme to promote the book.

And here is one for the ebook sale I did March 16th through 20th.

And finally for Beggar Magic

With Beggar Magic I went with reader quotes, but I haven't been able to figure out a snappy tagline to make any more images for it. Maybe soon.

Honestly, these things are a lot of work to make and I'm not sure they get results. I'm not good at the advertising part of this. 

Sales are still steady, but I feel like I should always be doing something to keep the momentum up. 

Feel free to share any of the images above ;). 
Have you had any luck with making ad images?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Thaddeus Whisker and the Dragon: Free Days!

If you haven't had a chance to grab my latest book Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon now is the perfect time.


Because from March 16th through the 20th, the kindle version of this book is FREE!

You can download it through the book below.

Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clean Indie Reads March Madness Blog Hop!

Welcome to an awesome blog hop where one lucky winner will win over TWO DOZEN ebooks! 

These books are all part of the Clean Indie Reads collection which means they will be "flinch free" or "blush free" fiction, not a lot of swearing, sex, or violence. 
It also happens to coincide with free days for my newest book Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon.  Yep, this brand new middle grade chapter book is free from March 16th to March 20th so be sure to grab your copy during this window (through the link below) 

HTML code:

HTML code (for Blogger blogs): HTML code (for Wordpress blogs):

Friday, March 13, 2015

Blog Tour: Disciple Series, by L. Blankkenship

War is coming. Kate Carpenter is only a peasant girl, but she’s determined to help defend the kingdom and its bound saints against the invading empire. Her healing magic earned her a coveted apprenticeship with the master healer; now she must prove herself ready to stand in the front lines and save lives.

She’s not ready for the attentions of a ne’er-do-well knight and the kingdom’s only prince, though. This is no time to be distracted by romance — the empire’s monstrous army will tear through anyone standing between them and the kingdom’s magical founts. All disciples must put aside their tangled feelings and stand in the homeland’s defense.

the six-part gritty fantasy romance series is now complete!
Disciple, Part VI on sale at AmazonB&NMore retailers


Download Disciple, Part I for free!
Email me if you can’t get it for free: blankenship.louise at gmail

Excerpt from Part I
“You couldn’t sleep either?”

At the whisper, I looked up from struggling to lace my boots with trembling hands. My master stepped into my dormitory room, adding his lamp’s light to my candle.

“Why must I dress as a boy?” I whispered back. Perhaps I was not so buxom, but I doubted I’d fool anyone. “This makes little sense.”

“Patience.” Master Parselev placed his lamp on my writing-table and checked my packed bags. “They’re gathering at the chapel already. None of us got much sleep, it seems.”

The straw mattress creaked when I stood, boots laced and the woolen hose sagging between my thighs. I ran my fingers around my waist, under my layered cotes, to check the drawstring. “Are these right, Master?” I’d strung the hose and braies together as best I could guess and as memory was my Blessing I had no excuse for failing. Men’s underthings weren’t much concern to me — if I saw such, or more, it was while the man lay bleeding on the surgery table.

“If they stay up, it’s right. Good. This too.” He slung a heavy felt cloak across my shoulders and pinned it on. The hood buried my face in shadows; my blonde braid, even wrapped around my head, would give me away.

I asked, “Master, this journey will be long, won’t it?” Parselev had given me more clothes than I’d ever owned to pack in those bags. All heavy winter woolens, too. “Shouldn’t you go, then?”

He looked down at me, mouth quirking to one side. Master was a greybeard, said to be over a hundred years old, but his kir kept his eyes bright and his face lightly creased. I had only been his apprentice two years. Surely I could not be ready for this.

“It must be you, Kate,” was all he said.

Disciple Omnibus
collecting all six books
on sale March 15, 2015!
get a reminder by joining L’s mailing list