Mommy Pause: Snap Circuits Jr.

I try to keep this blog mostly about my writing and whatnot, just you know, for consistency, but my day job is still taking care of my little ones and sometimes that bleeds over into my writing (like when Coryn insisted that my short story would be better as a chapter book leading to Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon
) . . .
But anyway . . . I love writing and English and all things humanities, but it is harder for me to get excited about science and math, which I know is a big deal and kids need to be encouraged to enjoy it . . . but dang, it just doesn't interest me as much as making up stories about dragons. 
However, I am trying to work past this mental block and give Coryn as much opportunity to learn about physics as she does about poetry. Part of this has been choosing specific toys. We tried the month of code in December and had fun with it. For her birthday, I got her Snap Circuits Jr. 

I admit, I put off opening this kit/toy for the longest time. I just assumed it would be frustrating and difficult to use and she'd need a lot of help. Because of this, even though she asked repeatedly to try it, I put it off until an afternoon I had a couple of hours free and her sister was sleeping, so I could really focus on helping her with it.
Turns out, she didn't need my help all that much. The kit comes with simple diagrams that, once you get the hang of them, are easy to follow even if you can't read or aren't a fluent reader. We did the first three projects together (using the kit to make a fan turn and a light bulb light up and then a speaker play "happy birthday."), and then she took over. She gets the kit out on her own and makes the projects all the time now.

It does have little pieces which has lead me to make it a "while little sister is napping" toy, but it is a great introduction to early electronics and concepts like circuits.