Review: Catastrophic

I love a short read. I can finish it while my daughters are playing in the yard or in the hour before bedtime where things are actually quiet. I get the accomplishment of finishing something without the weeks of squeezing in a few chapters here, a few chapters there.

Today while my daughters dug hole in the yard (grass will grow back, right?) I read Catastrophic: A Short Story  by Valerie Howard. I reviewed her other short story Think a couple of weeks ago Think: A Short Story

Think was not my preferred genre, which is probably why Catastrophic felt much faster to me, even though they are roughly the same length. I definitely devoured this short story. It is a humorous scifi piece about a cat. I love cats. I love humor. I like scifi. So this story checked off all my boxes. 
Here's the blurb. 
When NASA scientist Stanley Miller's new experiment goes missing along with his wife's pet cat, hilarity and chaos ensue. 
Check it out!