Review: Chickens, Hawks, and Grumpy Goats

About the book . . .

S.A. Molteni is well loved for her essays on hobby farming and animal husbandry - from the pain of losing a cherished pet cow and calf during childbirth to the sweetness of spending Christmas Eve in a manger with two Jersey cow babies. 

In this new collection of short stories, she poignantly and reflectively brings to the surface the highs and lows of living on a hobby farm and the deep connection that a farmer has to her animals. 

From predatory hawk attacks on her beloved chickens, to a goat with an attitude, to bottle-feeding a calf, along with a fictional tale based on Chicken Little, the narratives give a condensed version of the best times and the worst times during her past five years on a hobby farm.

My Take . . . 

I'm a picky reader, and this is not my "usual" genre (fantasy buff here), but this book was awesome. I devoured it in about a half hour. It's actually a series of short stories all written either about animals or from the point of view of animals. In books like this, there is usually at least one story that just doesn't do it for me, but I like ALL of these ones. My favorite was probably the second. I laughed out loud in two places (Chicken Little going to therapy for survivor's guilt). There was just a dark but playful humor to it.
Story One was almost Richard Adams as it detailed the struggles of a family of hawks during the winter.
The story about the spoiled goat also made me chuckle.
And the Christmas Eve story was straight out of James Herriot.
I grew up on a small farm in Oregon so this resonated really well with me in spite of not being my usual fare. Lots of heart, humor, and the last one made me tear up a little
Easy five stars.
You can purchase through the link below.
Chickens, Hawks and Grumpy Goats: Five Years on a Farm


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