Review: Saccharine White

Still reading mostly short stories. This one is a fairy tale retelling, a bit of satire, a bit of snark, and we meet Snow White's evil (? you decide for yourself) twin.

I definitely smiled all the way through Lia London's fairy tale spoof Saccharine White which you can pick up through the link below. 
It is another quick read. I'd say this one took about 20 minutes while I was settling into bed last night. I had one laugh out loud moment and the rest was just smiles. This is apparently the midway point in a trilogy, but there wasn't any confusion for me (not having read the earlier installments). So if you're looking for a funny, snarky short read, here you go. 

Here's the blurb . . .

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had hair as black as night, lips as red as blood, and skin as white as snow, so naturally, everyone who saw her freaked out. 

Her ghostly appearance created such an uproar that she often found it easier to retreat into the woods amongst the man-eating spiky bindles who were not as skittish. 

One day, while gathering mushrooms and thistles (she was not the "flowers and berries" sort of princess), she happened upon a charmingly squat little cottage. Peering in through the open window, she marveled to see that all the furniture inside was very small. She counted seven little wooden chairs around a long, cluttered table. Up against the far wall, she saw a rocking chair, a broom, a mop and a basket full of moth-eaten socks. 

Oh no! she thought. I'm not falling into this kind of trap. I'm not doing anyone's cleaning or mending. I'm a proper princess! She turned to run, only to stumble over a row of neatly dressed dwarves in fashionable suits and patent leather penny loafers. They all had abnormally good hair and capped teeth. 

Immediately she knew she was in the worst danger of her life.