Review: The Veil of Smoke

I reviewed  the first book in this series The Place of Voices (TimeDrifter Series) (Volume 1)
and loved it, so when I saw book two in a "free copy in exchange for a review list" I was like SCORE! I grabbed it. I was not disappointed. 

I think I loved this book even more than the first one in the series. For one thing it kept the plot going without resorting to a frenetic pace (which I can't stand) and thoroughly explored the time period without being info dumpy or bogging me down in details I'm disinterested in. I still like the characters and I love the non-linear aspect of it, three people from different time period brought into ancient Rome. The plot was less predictable than the last one because it didn't follow an allegorical pattern, which made for a better story while not sacrificing the message.
I really want to read the next one now!

You can purchase this book through the link below:

The Veil of Smoke (TimeDrifter Series Book 2)

Experience the final days of Pompeii in book two of the TimeDrifter Series. This harrowing historical fantasy unfolds through the eyes of the doomed city’s inhabitants, along with a trio of time traveling misfits. Their old nemesis, known as Basilius in Pompeii, charms others as he counters their every attempt. The fate of another relies on their ability to dodge Basilius’s efforts and escape before time runs out for Pompeii. Will they be willing to forfeit a future for what they hold most dear? Sometimes great risk is required to achieve a greater calling.