Review: The Riddle of Prague


The Riddle of Prague
by Laura De Bruce

This story actually overcame a personal pet peeve (first person present tense. . .it annoys me 90% of the time. I know it is trendy, but my head just kind of can't wrap around it.), but the story was so good that after a bit I didn't notice the tense (which to clarify, I know the tense isn't "wrong," it's just not my favorite narrative style).
I think what drew me in the most was the setting. Post Cold War Prague has a great mix of familiarity (this is history I have enough knowledge of without to read without feeling lost) and newness (I've never read a fantasy with this setting before and it was fun to explore.
The story introduces a lot of mythology without becoming confusing and even though there are a lot of characters (with multiple identities and all with secrets) it manages to be mysterious rather than confusing where it needs to be.
I has some well thought out twits and magic. Over all a fun read.

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The Riddle of Prague (QuickSilver Legacy Series Book 1)

When 18-year-old Hana Silna travels to Prague to reclaim her family's ancestral home, she finds herself on an adventure in a city brimming with secrets. She discovers a riddle by alchemist Edward Kelley that leads to a hidden flask containing an extraordinary elixir. When a ruthless enemy kidnaps her family, Hana has to find the flask to rescue them. On her quest she meets a mysterious man with a penchant for poetry, a Gypsy girl with a haunting past, and Alex, the motorcycle-riding son of a U.S. diplomat. Alex -- who's trying to save his sister from a crippling disease -- joins Hana on her race across Bohemia to find the flask. It's hard to trust anyone when the stakes are this high -- especially when surrounded by experts at deception. There's only one flask and Hana desperately needs to find it.
 The Riddle of Prague is the first of the Quicksilver Legacy Trilogy. Kirkus Reviews describes Laura DeBruce's debut novel as "[a]n exciting...thriller with supernatural elements and a brave, enterprising heroine." Clarion Reviews gives The Riddle of Prague five-stars and calls it "[a] fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat mystery-adventure."