The Chronicles of Chadwick, a Hot Potato Story...Post One, Profiles

The Chronicles of Chadwick

a Hot Potato Story

What is a Hot Potato Story? It is a story that gets tossed from writer to writer before it gets too hot, so every week it will be tossed between myself and two other writers over our blogs. You can follow along here and be on the watch for hashtags #chroniclesofchadwick and #hotpotatostory on Twitter.

This week we are just introducing the main players. Each of us is in charge on one, and each of our characters has their own secret, their own ulterior motives. And guess what? We're keeping secrets so none of us know what the others are up to. Mu ha ha ha!

So as writers we will be improvising, winging it, perhaps even trying to trip each other up with plot twists. It should get interesting for us. Does it sound interesting to you?
You can check out the posts introducing the other characters on the blogs of Parker J. Cole, Bethany Jennings, and Nat Davis.
You can check out Nat's character post here, Bethany's here, and Parker here

But here's my little alter-ego, the adorable but sneaky Gnome merchant, Bea Brightbolt, esquire.

Chapter One is now live HERE

Bea Brightbolt, Esquire

Bea has no idea what esquire means, but it looks good on business cards. As a child growing up in the Gnomish backwater of Toadstool Pond, Bea longed to see the world and explore. Her journey began when she found out people would pay a good deal for colored water if they thought it had magical properties. Setting up a lemonade stand for elixirs along the road side, it soon became expedient for her to leave the vicinity.
Bea "borrowed" her Aunt Gussie's enchanted knapsack, which could carry a whole cow but still weigh as little as a feather, and started out. Since then she has developed a knack of finding unclaimed objects of value and has gained a reputation as the Gnome to go to if you need to acquire an object of value and rarity. 
Profoundly curious but naturally secretive, Bea's constant companion is her fox, Ginger, which she raised from kit-hood. Bea is about the size of a four-year-old child, with big green, innocent eyes, pigtails, and a turned up nose. She is light fingered, quick on her feet, and eternally optimistic. While most of the items she "finds" are for sale, she does keep a collection of extra special possessions to draw from in emergencies because they are useful . . . or super shiny.  
Her home is a brightly painted gypsy wagon pulled by one horned goats which she won from a fortune teller betting on a turtle race (she should've seen that one coming). 
Recently Bea has begun setting her sites on a cozy mountain lodge with a hotspring, but she'll need one last good payday before she can afford to purchase the property and retire.

image credit: Megan-Uosui, Deviant Art


  1. I love it! What a cute character!

    1. Thanks. She's deceptively adorable . . . and maybe a little dangerous. ;)

  2. Yay for Gnomes!


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