A map! (sort of)

Tonight I was double checking some location consistency in my (almost finished) book, Lands of Ash, and decided to write it out. So I made a "map."
It's not pretty but it shows all the important locations. The Burnt Wastes where nobody goes because it is burnt and wasted . . . the River Brisk which is all squiggly and the town next to it quite creatively named "Crossriver." Then the "dirt farm" where one character starts and the aptly labeled "book starts" spot in the wilderness you can read about in my Chapter One Tease . . . The Haven where most of my book takes place. The Fork Vale Fortress, Mill Town, a plot relevant cave, the Mountain's Feet, and the Green Band . .. it's all there!
Intrigued? Want to be the first of your friend to put a story to this cartographical wonder?
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Lands of Ash (Elemental Realms Book 1)

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