#HotPotatoStory The Chronicles of Chadwick Continue

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Chapter Five: Bea Again

Bea sidled up to Chadwick the moment he stumbled away from Y'Manya. Fortunately the tables in this smokey tavern were high enough to hide behind without being too obvious. She wasn't ready for Y'Manya to see her . . . yet.
Bea smiled her brightest and nodded towards the princess. "So . . . apparently it wasn't all that hard. What did I tell you? In and out, out and in. No muss, no fuss."
Chadwick gave her a stupid grin and a thumbs up.
"No sign of her fairy godmother yet, though? To restore your voice?" Bea stuck out her bottom lip sympathetically.
Chadwick shrugged but disappointment played about the corners of his mouth.
Bea gasped and put her hand to her mouth. "Oh dear! She's not still wearing the necklace, is she?"
Chadwick's eyes widened. He started motioning frantically.
"Tsk tsk." Bea held up her hands. "I don't do that charades nonsense." She reached up and yanked him down by the collar. "Listen, Chaddie my Laddie, she's not free. Not yet. Not as long as she wears that necklace. It's a dragon charm." That was mostly true. Sort of. "You know what that means?"
He shook his head.
"Of course not. So listen. Wherever she goes, as long as she wears that charm, the dragons can find her, find her and take her right back. They're probably laughing at you right now, taking bets on which paths you take, what inns you stay at, how long you survive . . ." She shuddered. "So listen, tonight, while she sleeps, slip in and grab the necklace. And bring it to me. I'll take care of the nasty thing. Neutralize it for you. Then all will be right, right? All right." She playfully smacked him on both cheeks, first with her hands then with her lips. "Now get going before she sees us and gets jealous."
She slipped under several tables, relieved a drunk of his purse because he wasn't taking care of it, not as he should've been, and climbed up next to the handsome dwarf, Thrush.
"I thought you wanted me to go after it." Thrush arched an eyebrow.
"That's my  back up plan . . . after all, he's not exactly the sharpest thorn in the bramble." She rolled her eyes. "You understand the terms, right?" She tossed him the drunk's purse. "A down payment."
"Paltry one." Thrush sniffed.
"Ah, but with what is coming! Think on what is coming." She grinned. "Now handsome, buy me some pie."

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