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I'm always testing promo sites. I have a few that have given me reliable numbers every time I've run a promo through them and ones I didn't make my money back on. Every time I do a free day or a countdown deal, I always try a new, reasonably priced promo site.

This time I did 5 free days and three paid promos. I used tried and true Ereader News Today and Bknights/Fiverr and also tried out eBookSoda for the first time. Unexpectedly, I got picked up by eBookDaily also, so that probably skewed the numbers . . .but here are my results. I will be including the amount of free downloads of the promo book as well as sales and Kindle Unlimited library loans of the books that were not free during this time.

Day One: no paid promos, did some tweeting and Facebook sharing.

  • Free Downloads 603
  • Paid Downloads 18
  • Kindle Unlimited Loans 4

Day Two: Ereader News Today.

  • Free Downloads 1,410
  • Paid Downloads 43
  • Kindle Unlimited Loans 11

Day Three: Bknights/Fiverr plus unexpectedly picked up by eBookDaily

  • Free Downloads 2,057
  • Paid Downloads 87
  • Kindle Unlimited Loans 10

Day Four: eBookSoda

  • Free Downloads 532
  • Paid Downloads 31
  • Kindle Unlimited Loans 14

Price of the Promos: 
  • Ereader News Today: $20
  • Bknights/Fiverr: $5.50
  • eBookSoda: $10
  • eBookDaily: in this case Free


Ereader News Today and Bknights both have a proven track record as far as I'm concerned, and while ENT used to be a slightly better return (at a slightly cheaper price, they've raised their fee a couple of times since I first used them), they still consistently make my ad money back for me. Bknights is almost as good as Ereader. My numbers were obviously better on day three than on day two, but I have no way of determining which sales and downloads were due to Bknights and which were from the free eBookDaily promo.
Now eBookSoda has me torn a bit. Assuming that all the sales on that date were a direct result of that ad rather than just ripple effect from the previous three days of promotions, I did make my $10 back. . . but not by as much as I liked. 
Some pros for them: they got me on relatively fast. I scheduled this promotion last minute when ENT emailed me saying they could fit me in on the 10th (like on the 7th), so a lot of sites I wanted to try to get on, I couldn't because of the required week or more advance notice. EBooksoda required three days or something like that. That was nice. 

Also, I always ask writers considering doing promos to consider genre. I'm a fantasy writer. A site that has a poor return for me might fit your romance or mystery or other genre piece. 

I'm planning on running another promo (this one for book three, Dragon's Rival) in June. So back on the hunt for reasonably priced but effective promo sites.

Oh and also, my short story The Baby and the Bacon is free again for the next few days (until May 21st). Check it out through the link below.
The Baby and the Bacon


  1. Interesting results. Have you tried EreaderCafe? They did well for me ($25). A lot of people recommend RobinReads ($10). BookBarbarian ($8) is fantasy/sf oriented. BettyBookFreak is free (which is always good). You could also apply for a free slot on OHFB or Midlist, both of which give good results but are stupidly expensive for a paid slot.

    I'm going off to look up EbookDaily, because those are seriously good numbers.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I tried BettyBookFreak but for a 99 cents book not a free day. I didn't notice a big uptick, but free was nice so I didn't complain.
      I might look into Book Barbarian next. I'm always afraid to throw my hat in the ring for hard Scifi/Fantasy venues because with most of my stories the romance is such a big part of it. It can be a turn off to some readers.

      Thanks for the recommendations. I am probably going to do a promo in June for Dragon's Rival (next on my list that I can put free) so I'm definitely looking for at least one new site to try.

  2. Would this be a valid comparison of results -- since no "time" separated them so that the "left over" from the other promotion could occur - strikes me as the way to really give each sit its due you would need to separate the advertising by a week -- because there is always a "trickle" of buys afterwards. All the later ones would have carry-over benefit from the previous ones.

    1. There is a bit, but when I do a promo and then don't follow up there is always a "drop" rather than a gain in the next day. Here there was a clear gain between the days. . . if anything eBookSoda should've had a clear boost due to previous day's promos, but instead it didn't do any better than the day I had no promo running, so I'm feeling okay writing that one off. The fact that I got a boost and MORE sales during the Bknights/eBookDaily instead of it going down after the ENT is encouraging for those two sites.
      It's not scientific by any means, but I also find I get the best results by stacking promos anyway. One helps the others.

    2. Oh - I'm sure the results are better stacking promos - not disagreeing with that, just about how the worth of each might not be accurate.

    3. Yeah. I have used Bknights and ENT before to good results, so eBookSoda was the only one I was really testing, and that one fell flat even with the boost from the previous promos.
      Here's one of the times I used BKnights, for instance.

  3. Hi, Heidi. I was wondering which gig, exactly, you used with Bknights? I have used him/her/them? twice with OK results, but nothing compared to what everyone else says. Maybe my book is not a match for that audience, but then, maybe I'm booking the wrong gig.

    1. This is the one I used this time

      I have noted that they do not work great for countdown deals or anything but free books really. When I used them for a 99 cents deal, they got me a small burst of sales, but nothing to write home about.


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