Our Trip to Disney World

First off, look at these girls, these two awesome girls. Don't these two girls deserve a trip to Disney World?

Apparently we qualified for a pretty hefty "Florida resident" discount to Disney. We hadn't been planning on going, but Matt had some leave and time just seemed right, so BOOM! Off we went. It's actually our first real family vacation. So off we went!
It wasn't a bad drive. We left a little later than we wanted to, after checking Caen into a kennel (Called Cain's Dog House, so he fit right in) and stopping at Walmart to buy some fresh dvds for the girls (Matt's truck has a dvd player in the back), we were on our way. We spent three days at the park and two traveling (one day there, one day back).

best part of long car trips

Mostly pictures in this post. Not a lot to say (It's Disney. They have Disney stuff. It was fun.) . . . but some quick notes.
Going to Disney is a sure way to get kids out of bed early. Too early. Like "Why are you out of bed before six?" early.

Claire loves trying on hats
This exchange after Matt honked at somebody hogging the passing lane . . .
Me: You can't fix every rude driver from here to Disney World.
Matt: I'm not trying to fix every rude driver, just the ones in front of me.

I swear she was having a good time
 Claire would've been happy with a lot less than Disney World. Every time we passed even a tiny body of water she'd point and say, "Lake! Lake! Wanna go beach!" She also would've been happy just riding the tram between the parking lot and the ticket gate. She loved that dang thing. She called it a choo choo.

Matt came down with a cold like on our first day, so he looks dead in a lot of these photos

Claire became quite addicted to being carried. She would go up to either me or Matt, put up her arms and say, "I carry you!" If we said she had to walk she'd say, "Don wanna." If she didn't get her way and had to walk she'd drag her feet, cross her arms, and stick her lip out.
She also was obsessed with the donuts at the continental breakfast in our hotel.
best seat in the house
The first ride we went on was Aladdin's Magic Carpet, and Claire loved it.

The second ride we went on was the Pirates of the Caribbean. It paused for about ten minutes and Claire started to freak out. She spent the rest of the ride crying and clinging to Matt.
The next ride we got onto was It's a Small World. The moment we sat down in the boat, she got this terrified look on her face and clung to Matt for dear life.
 Fortunately Small World is a lot tamer than Pirates (though if you ask me the dolls in Small World are ten times creepier than anything in Pirates) so after it got going she calmed down significantly. 
Though when we went on the Haunted House ride she didn't like that at all . . . however, Matt let her watch youtube videos on his phone and so she didn't cry on that one. 

One change we'd make if we did it again was to skip Animal Kingdom. There wasn't enough to do there that appealed to both our girls. Matt took Coryn on the Everest Ride and we did one Kiddie Ride in Dinoland and caught a Lion King show, a petting zoo, and a train ride . . .but mostly it felt like a really tiny zoo spread out over a large area. I'd rather just go to a real zoo. Though I did get my picture taken next to a komodo dragon. I like dragons.
he's just waiting to sprout wings and toast a village
Coryn tripped in Animal Kingdom and skinned her knee pretty badly. A nice lady with a (maybe, I'm bad with accents) Kiwi or Australian accent offered me bandaids (she didn't call them bandaids . . . something that I didn't recognize right away, I forget what), which was nice, though they kept falling off. But anyway, that was probably one of the reasons that day didn't go so great. Coryn was kind of sulky after that happened and didn't really get her groove back . . . plus Matt's cold got really bad. 
in a tea cup

Claire and I went wandering around while Coryn and Matt did the "big kid" ride, though, and we had a good time, saw a tiger and some exotic birds. She saw this stuffed animal she wanted (a leopard, maybe? I forget) and stood next to it saying "C'mon, pwease, pwease, pwease" while making her little "come hither" hand gesture. A random individual told me she sounded like a little Italian (is there a stereotype about Italians being demanding and slightly spoiled as children?) . . . anyway, she didn't get the leopard but only because her daddy had already bought her an over priced Piglet plushie (she calls him Oink) the night before.
I like dragons
covering her ears because fireworks are loud
Claire's favorite ride was probably Winnie the Pooh. Unfortunately, it broke down about half way through. They had to come let us out of our car and walk us out. Claire seemed to like this closer look at the figures and it was kind of cool getting an inside glimpse at some of the smoke and mirrors tricks used in the ride.
Claire likes Pooh
Coryn loved the fast rides and was all "go go go" but was disappointed that she didn't meet any friends. It is hard to meet people in Disney World. Everyone is in such a hurry.

Claire occasionally just wanted to take breaks and play with sticks or throw things in the water features. One time that was really cool was when we were resting near the Tiki Lounge (Matt and Coryn were off on Splash Mountain . . .we divided up when Claire was too short for a ride. I took Coryn on Thunder Mountain and the Seven Dwarves Mine Cart and Matt took her on Splash Mountain and Everest) and all of the sudden this giant clam shell next to the fountain opened up, said something (I didn't catch it), and closed again. Claire looked at me like, "Did you see that?" and watched it for the longest time but it didn't repeat. She loved that.
So both my girls really seemed to enjoy it. We're glad to be home, though. I feel like I fell really behind in my writing just in taking that three days off, which is stupid because I'm self-published and the only reason I have deadlines is because I set them. But oh well. 
This post is mostly just an excuse to share cute pictures of my girls. Believe it or not, I'm showing restraint. I have a lot more. 

Caen was happy when we picked him up again, though the kennel seemed to have kept him quite well. 
But it is good to be home.