#HotPotatoStory, The Chronicles of Chadwick Continues! Chapter 7

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The Chronicles of Chadwick 

Image by Culpeo Fox 

Chapter 7

Everyone turned to gape at the dragon, and Bea took full advantage of this. 
"Ginger! NOW!" she shouted. 
A streak of orange whisked through the room, grabbed the princess's necklace in her teeth, and landed in Bea's arms. 
The fox grinned as only a fox can (toothily and with a lot of attitude). Bea smirked. She owed this fox a chicken. 
No time for that now, however. 
"Sorry, Chaddie, looks like I had to take care of this one myself." She reached into her bag, pulled out a bag of vanishing powder and tossed it on the ground where it ballooned in a cloud of glittery purple smoke. The glitter and the purple had cost her extra when she purchased the powder from a shifty eyed apothecary. Totally worth it, though. So pretty.
Plus it smelled like strawberries which would confuse the dragon's keen sense of smell. 
She slipped unseen through the crowd while the dragon flipped over tables and gazed under chairs. 

Thrush's appearance was promising. She knew dwarves. They always had a back up plan or three. They weren't like gnomes, able to think on their feet and improvise. A dwarf would never dine in an establishment that lacked an easy escape. She felt along the back wall. Her fox, also invisible, jumped down and sniffed. It gave a quiet yap and nosed at a floor board.

Perfect. She pried it up. There, a secret dwarven tunnel. Too small for a clumsy dragon . . . She dropped down into the tunnel. 

The necklace immediately flared to life, illuminating the space. She grinned. Already it catered to its new master's desires. Ah, how long she'd waited for this necklace. It would enable her to set things right. 
Silly princess never even knew what power was in her hands. If she had she would've used it long ago. Letting the princess keep it was just wasteful. People who wasted magic shouldn't possess magic, at least that's what Bea's granny would've said. 

Bea and Ginger continued on, through the twisting tunnels. Finally a glimmer of moonlight lit the passage ahead and they emerged onto a riverbank, nothing around but deep, quiet woods. 

Bea did a little dance. She stroked the necklace.
"I know, I know, I took so long to find you, but it's okay. You're safe now. You'll be well used, well loved, and you're going to help me fix things, isn't that right, Ginger?" She patted the fox's ears. "You've been waiting for this too. Now if only we can get to Moon Mirror Pool before the next full moon, everything will be right."