IfList: Cast your book!

Another author introduced me to this fun tool that allows you to set your book up as a movie or TV proposal. IFlist.com

You describe your characters and people can suggest actors for each role. I've made a page for Beggar Magic and Dragon's Curse so far.

You can view them through these links: Beggar Magic and Dragon's Curse. I'm sure eventually I'll cycle through my whole catalog (I think Patrick Stewart should be the voice of Grandious in Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon, for instance, and I really imagine that Captain Draven from Lands of Ash is Nathan Fillion and Prince Ryan from Dragon's Debt/Rival/Bride is Benedict Cumberbatch.) . . .
Unfortunately, a lot of the actor who I imagine for my parts have aged out of them (like Joseph Gordon Levitt would be the perfect Brick from Beggar Magic . . . if he were still a teenager.).

Anyway, it is a fun toy. Especially if you're one of those authors who cast actors in their books as they write them (with the exceptions named above, I'm not). 


  1. Sadly, I think I would have the same problem. I'm terrible at keeping up with actors these days. I looked at your list and for most of the suggestions I thought "Oh, yeah, I could see that." But it would take me about ten years to make one of my own. Can I just cast everyone in my novel as Johnny Depp, only wearing different disguises? Do you think filmmakers would go for that?


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