June New Release Giveaway Hop!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My book (Lands of Ash) releases in 3 days! So I was excited to find this timely and awesome blog hop where a bunch of awesome bloggers are giving away a ton of awesome books. I decided to slip my awesome book into the mix.

I have two prizes, an ebook copy and a paperback copy. The prizes are open internationally (yep, I've actually budgeted for the crazy shipping costs involved in sending things to Canada. . .btw, it makes no sense that it is cheaper to ship books to certain countries in Asia than it is to ship to Canada. I'm not exaggerating. I had a giveaway for one of my books with a winner in Canada and a winner in . . . I think it was Singapore . . .the shipping to Singapore was cheaper. What the heck, Canada? You're practically next door. . . where was I?) . . . oh, so enter here and then check out the other blogs linked below. The more blogs you visit, the higher your chances of winning some prizes.