Someone recently linked me this Onion article (for those not familiar, the Onion has satire news articles, completely fake.) about how wolf attacks are the leading cause of death in America.

The article was pretty funny but there was this great picture which I fell in love with, quite oddly, I suppose, but look! Look at this picture! (Hashtag I added)

This got me thinking. What has Office Wolf so upset? Is he misunderstood and just wants hugs? Did copy guy forget to refill the paper tray again?

Here are my top three explanations for #OfficeWolf

Office Wolf needs his caffeine fix!

Office Wolf is going to burn this place to the ground.

If you could not disembowel me, that'd be great. . . 

So what do you think Office Wolf is thinking?


  1. Idunno, but you're right. That is a *great* picture.

    1. so many human resource problems could be solved with the proper application of an office wolf.


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