Review: Shatterworld by Lelia Rose Foreman

Shatterworld-Lelia Rose Foreman

Fleeing persecution and low on fuel, religious refugees from Old Earth find themselves stranded on a planet with a dark history. The promise of a future is shadowed by a dreadful past. Twelve-year-old Rejoice Holly is expected to someday become a farmer's wife, and set aside her dreams of astronomy. But the discovery that their Promised Land is already inhabited isn't helping her struggle between duty and dreams. Peace seems precarious, and the voice of reason is being silenced by one of fear. 

As a new danger looms, the friendship or enmity forged could save or doom them all. Will the colonists and natives be able to set aside their differences for the sake of survival?

My Review: 

I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me a lot of reading Madeline L'Engle but more scientific than philosophical. I really appreciated the gentle handling of some very deep and complicated ideas, both spiritual and scientific (laws of physics are even explained in a way young children can understand and relate to.).
Occasionally I found myself frustrated with how calm the adults were and how legalistic the system felt, but this was addressed towards the end and my frustrations were mirrored by the younger characters. I really got into how the Squid Folk looked and communicated.
The whole thing felt very real and very well thought out.

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