Speaking Claire

I know, I know, all kids talk some form of baby talk, and all parents think their baby is the cutest, but this is a little different. Claire has taken certain words and given them a different meaning (again, all kids do it, but hers are SUPER FUNNY! I swear!). . .

In order to understand Claire you have to know the "Claire meanings" to certain key words and phrases.

  • 2, 3, 6 -- Usually you get this if you give Claire some food that comes in pieces (crackers, cookies, pretzels, grapes) and she decides you didn't give her enough. She can only reliably count to two, though she has on occasion counted as high as four. It used to be she'd look at you and say "two?" which meant "give me more." Now she'll try to ask for a higher number. Six, usually.
  • Let it Go -- anything regarding Frozen, snow, or the color blue.
  • Batman -- anything involving super heroes or the colors gray and black.
  • Meow/Oink/Arf-Arf -- this is a fairly standard kid thing, but she calls most animals by the sound they make.
  • Baby -- Claire. She's the baby. Don't try and tell her she's getting big. She'll say, "No. I baby." Though baby has two meanings . . .
  • Baby/Mommy -- Little and big. If you give Claire a little carrot, and she thinks it isn't big enough, she'll ask for a mommy carrot. If something is small, it is automatically a baby. This applies to animals, plants, rocks, pencils . . . everything.
  • Wine -- embarrassingly this means anything that comes in a bottle. 
  • Baby-Wine -- also embarrassingly, beer . . . because it comes in littler bottles, not because we let her drink it. I swear!
  • Bee -- any flying bug.
  • Cockroach -- any skittering bug.
  • "Mommy, wake up!" -- I didn't immediately respond to whatever it was she wanted so obviously I must be asleep. 


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