Watergirl by Juliann Whicker

What's Watergirl About?

by Juliann Whicker

'What do you get when you kiss a guy, you get enough germs to catch a pneumonia, and when you do, he'll never phone ya, I'll never fall in love again...' it's a song from my childhood, my mother's voice crooning across the carrot patch while we weeded in the hot desert sun. What do you get when you kiss a guy? What if it's a mad, impulsive obsession? What if you don't feel like you fit in because you really don't quite fit in? What if that unapproachable person is the only one who will ever actually understand you? Watergirl is about music, about love, about loss and other stuff buried deep down in the lake.

Watergirl is a contemporary fantasy which will be 99 cents through July 15th! Click below to get a copy.


Genevieve spends her time compiling playlists, writing down the music in her head, and trying oh-so-hard not to think about the quarterback, her longtime obsession. 

When a gorgeous foreign exchange student moves into town, staying with the inhumanly hot captain of the swim team, will she manage to move onto something better, or will a kiss of obsession drag her into a world more dangerous and dark than anything she imagined? 

Welcome to the world of Watergirl: hot guys with gills, psychotic ex-girlfriends, oh, and something in the lake. It will take your breath away.