Promo Results: BookBarbarian/BookTastik/BookScream

More Promo Site Results

I like to start these off with a caveat that different genres do better than others on different promo site. Also a site that is good for a free book might not work for a full priced or discounted-but-not-free book. Therefore, keep in mind all the different variables. 

These numbers were for a free day promo on an Epic Fantasy Novel (with about 21 mostly 5 star reviews on Amazon, usually priced at $2.99). 

Based on free days I've done without promos, I can usually get about 200 downloads by self-promoting (tweeting/Facebook groups/shares by friends). Normally I plug my book into all those "free to advertise" sites, but this time I didn't as an experiment, and I do think it made a difference. I've had much better free days, but I wanted to see how these two sites held up on their lonesome. 
Day One, I was going to just self-promote to give me a "baseline" but ended up getting picked up by BookScream. I had 486.
Day Two, Book Barbarian. Based on past promos, usually I get the biggest spike on day one, but unless I do an ad following that, downloads go steadily downhill. This time they went uphill (slightly) to 510. 
Day Three, BookTastik. Down all the way to 184. Honestly, I think I could get that sort of results easily on my own (and have before). 

I think the BookTastik ad was $10 and BookBarbarian was $8. 
Now obviously, neither did as well as ENT (Ereader News Today), but that's a little more costly ($20 an ad) and fantasy seems to be a hard spot to find a home for. I would say that Book Barbarian WAS worth it, considering the low price, but BookTastik was not. 

For comparison, I got slightly better results with BookBarbarian than I did with Fussy Librarian, though the ads are a similar price. 

My last ENT ad (for Beggar Magic) was 1372 downloads. 

One thing to take into account when doing a free day (if your book is in kindle unlimited) is whether your pages go up after the book's free days. With my last Beggar Magic promo, I definitely saw this happen. 
For the entire month of July I had about 1300 pages read of Beggar. After a free promo for the book for the first two days of August, the pages read were already double this in the week following. They continue to go up as the month progresses. I'll be curious to see if this hold with Lands of Ash.
Another thing is reviews. I usually end up with at least a couple of new reviews, though they may take a while to trickle in (this depends a lot on the length of the book. With Thaddeus Whiskers, which is a relatively short book at 112 pages), I see reviews usually within a few days of the promo. With Beggar Magic (209 pages) I started seeing new reviews about two weeks after the promo. 
I'm a big proponent of free days generally because giving away books seems to sell books. It increases visibility, too. This is especially true if you have a series where giving away one book leads to purchases of other books in the same series. However, as you can see with Beggar Magic's chart below, it isn't unusual to see a spike of full priced sales after the free day.