Thaddeus Whiskers QUIZ!!!

Sometimes I just like to have a little bit of fun with my books. One thing I really like to do is make quizzes for them. This is one I made for Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon using Buzzfeed (first time with them. It's a little confusing at first, but I figured it out.)

Click here to find out which Thaddeus Whiskers creature you might be (Dragon, kitten, wizard, princess, rat?).

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Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon

A Middle Grade Fantasy!
Thaddeus F. Whiskers is a pampered palace pet, a kitten enchanted to never become a cat. Princess Clarice loves him, for in the entire kingdom, there is no other kitten as cute or as clever. He leads a life of cushions and cream until a wizard's "gift" results in his banishment. Determined to make it back to the princess he loves, he escapes into the wilderness where he discovers the lair of a dragon. 

Grandious, the dragon, doesn't care about anything besides himself. He wants to be left alone with his treasure. However, there is something about Thaddeus that has him entranced. He finds himself opening his home and his heart to the little cat. 

Thaddeus is a small creature in a big world. Between him and his beloved Princess stand conniving wizards, would-be-step-mothers, and rampaging rats. However, when danger threatens both Clarice and Grandious, Thaddeus won't allow his size to get in the way of saving his friends.


  1. I got wizard! Now I'm wondering what I'd need to do to make my friends duck... Usually I just bake them yummy food. :)

    1. New and exciting recipes involving molecular gastronomy?


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