Review: Mia and Snouts

Mia and Snouts

Day Jamison

Mia has the perfect imaginary pet in Sparkle Wishes, an elegant and deferential horse. But what Mia wants most is a real pet. Suddenly she gets one in the form of mischievous Snouts, a pig-dragon from another country. Mia immediately shoves Sparkle Wishes aside to make room for Snouts. 

Mia and Snouts is the first in a series children's chapter book for ages 6-8.

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Mia and Snouts

My Review

I really loved this book. The girl really reminded me of my younger daughter (who is only three but has this sense of bossiness mitigated by adorableness). Mia likes things a certain way and has big ideas. She wants a party and she wants it just so. She wants a pet and she wants it just so. When a Pig-Dragon appears in her backyard, she thinks all her pet dreams have come true, but Pig-Dragons aren't as easy to manage as imaginary horses, and Mia soon begins to doubt that Snouts is the pet for her.
I loved the humor of this book. It really made me laugh out loud in several places, plus the main character learned a lot about loving a pet in spite of the difficulties of getting the pet to behave. 

I got it to read to my daughter but had to finish it up on my own while she slept, which means I'll be reading it twice. I'm okay with that.