Review: The Quest for a Wide-Awake Princess

The Quest for a Wide-Awake Princess

Lia London

Jack gently pulled aside the gauze and took a good look at the Princess Asnora, snug in her bed, lovely and fully primped by her doting maid-on-a-stool-guard person. “She is very beautiful.” 
Espressa clapped her hands in a little flutter. “Go on. Kiss her.” 
“Well, I suppose that would wake her up,” he said with a shrug. He leaned over tentatively and placed a polite kiss on her forehead. 
“No, no, no! Not like that. Kiss her properly. On the lips. Why do you think I put on the lipstick?” 
Jack was still staring at the princess, bewildered that she had not yet moved with all the talking and movement around her. “Are you sure?” 
“Give her a good, big kiss!” 
Not enjoying this quest as much as he would have imagined, Jack tried harder. He kissed the Princess Asnora on the lips and then took a step back. 
“Wait for it,” said Espressa, eagerly peeking at the princess. She clawed at the air as if trying to pull the princess out of slumber. Gritting her teeth, she muttered, “Come on…Wake up…” 
“Wow, she’s a really sound sleeper,” said Jack, shaking his head. “I’ll give it one more try, and then I probably need to move on.” He knelt beside Princess Asnora, brushed a strand of her hair from her cheek and planted a movie-style kiss on her lips. 

In the tradition of Fractured Fairy Tales, the Snarky Princess Stories poke fun at traditional bedtime stories and liven things up with a layer of satire. Perfect for tweens and teens who have outgrown their Disney princess nightgowns. 

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My Review 

I've read and reviewed most of the books in this series (three out of four, now, I think), and I think this one was my favorite. There are a lot of sly modern day references tucked into a story that subtly mocks the Fairy Tale but not in a mean way. I really liked the horse, but I don't want to give away the two laugh out loud jokes involved with that. 

This is a short story, mind you. I finished it in about ten minutes before bed, but I still really enjoyed it. I'd like to see all of these stories combined into an illustrated volume, a bit like Gail Carson Levine's fairy tale series. 

The story is currently 99 cents or free through Kindle Unlimited. Click below to download.