Review: Try, Fail, Succeed

Try, Fail, Succeed: 100 Creative Writing Prompts in Haiku

Matthew J. Earl

Haikus capture a moment in time, the essence of the situation in a few short words. Is your imagination stuck? Haikus can be the seeds to a grand, wild adventure in your very own imagination. Whether you are an writer, a dreamer, or someone who just loves haikus and poetry. I offer this book, Try, Fail, Succeed to you. 

I wrote these haikus to have a purpose besides being only poetry, they are creative prompts beyond the usual prompt. I wrote them to be a spark of a story. Creativity begets creativity. A single word or sentence or haiku can be the start of a short story, another poem, an epic tale, or some other form of art! Who knows where your imagination may take you from these haikus. Each haiku has a page to itself, to let you focus on it alone while your mind explores the haiku’s depths. 

The haikus within this book have been crafted around the idea of Try-Fail cycles. A Try-Fail cycle is a writing technique where a character attempts a problem and fails, followed by another try and another fail, growing throughout the process, finally leading to success. Thoughtful, with themes of adventure, romance, struggles, and trials, Try, Fail, Succeed offers an amazing adventure through your own imagination and creativity. 

“In many ways, this might be a superior approach compared to other writing prompt books as it engages the imagination on a deeper level as one tries to untangle the haiku.” 
- R.F. Kacy

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Try, Fail, Succeed: 100 Creative Writing Prompts in Haiku

My Review

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. I don't read a ton of poetry and even less haiku. However, it is a really charming sit of "micro" stories. Some set a mood, some a setting, some a character, all in three lines. 
A few made me laugh. 
The content makes these a good jumping off place for workshop exercises that would be appropriate for all ages and most skill levels. 
For me, though, it was just a smile inducing quick read.