Review: Waiting for Appa

Waiting for Appa

A SciFi Short by Mirtika

To save his family--and his people--he defied the laws of his faith and returned to the perilous deep of space. He promised his wife, daughter, and son that he would return... 


On Dorna III, a planet colonized by members of a strict religious sect, these settlers suffer through a severe and prolonged famine. Melmedain of Havenheart feels called to use forbidden technology and seek aid. He leaves behind his family, now shunned by the rest of the community. 

During his absence, something worse than hunger or the unseen "devils" underground gnaws at the peace and sanity of the colonized towns. And soon, the last of the food will run out. 

Will Appa return in time...or at all? 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
This short story won the 2006 annual fiction contest of THE SWORD REVIEW.

My Review

This was a really solid, emotionally written short story. 

It quickly immersed me in a world both alien and familiar and made me feel for the characters.
There is a definite theme of grace and listening to God's leading over the hypocrisy of unyielding laws imposed by men. I definitely enjoyed this and devoured it quite quickly. 

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