New Release: The Baby and the Bad Day

The Baby & The Bad Day

Claire is a wise cracking toddler who can handle anything the world throws at her. However, when a seemingly innocuous occurrence leaves her Momma in tears, Claire is stumped. Momma must be consoled, but how?

Purchase through the link below: (and I will be putting this up for free often. The first free dates will be the 16th and 17th of October)

The Baby and the Bad Day: A Very Short Story

This is my third short story in the "Claire" series, short stories inspired by my younger daughter's antics.
Earlier titles are The Baby and the Bacon and The Baby and the Batman ...
I put these books up for free whenever possible. I've managed to get Amazon to price match The Baby and the Batman to be perma-free (though this may change at any time, so grab your copy soon!) and the other two stories are free via Kindle Unlimited.
I love writing these stories. They're a fun way to look inside my toddler's head and pretend I know what she's thinking. All toddlers are really evil geniuses, aren't they?
Anyway, I hope you get to pick up a copy of one or more of my Claire stories. If you do, consider leaving a review!

The Baby and the Batman: a very short story