Scary (or maybe not so scary) Indie Reads!

Let's Tell SPOOKY  Stories!!!

You know me, always prowling around the halls of Amazon, looking for amazing Indie Reads for you! For today I'm making a Halloween themed collection. Some are paranormal, some light horror, and some just a little bit funny! 
I've provided Amazon purchase links, but keep in mind, if a promotional price is mentioned, these are often limited time offers, so double check that the price is still active before you download. All right, that out of the way, here we go!

When children start disappearing from the country's oldest and largest Halloween festival, half-Fae Robin recognizes a crime out of time. Also includes the first Robin Archer tale, the Pushcart Prize-nominated "And Only the Eyes of Children."

(currently 99 cents)

What's drawn Lili to Burial Hill? And what lurks in the shadows there? Could it be her Destiny to find out?

The next one is on a blog, not Amazon, and it is FREE. Just click HERE to read.

In this free flash fiction, Mick is stuck in LA traffic, wishing he were anywhere but in his car, when he notices that there is a rag sticking out of the car in front of him. When the rag starts to fill with a red liquid that looks like blood, Mick suddenly has to decide whether to get involved.

This free short story is more funny than frightening, but with a definite Halloween theme. How will Baby Claire get Momma to understand there is ONLY one costume epic enough for Claire?

These two shorts are free at the time of posting (please double check prices before downloading).

Ringo The Ghost Cat: A Short Story (The Adventures of Ringo the Ghost Cat Book 1)

 "My name is Ringo and before we start, let's get one thing straight. I'm a ghost, not a zombie. Zombies are only half-dead and I never do anything half-way." Join Ringo as this cool cat journeys from Ghost Cat to Guardian Angel.

A young adult, supernatural thriller the "Scifi and Scary" book blog calls "...the best YA Horror book I have read in ages."

Elise wants nothing more than to be a healer and erase the stain her grandmother's witchcraft left on her family, but when a wolf terrorizes her village, she'll have to choose between the safe life that will pacify her neighbors, and the life that will keep her loved ones safe.

A lich who raises magic bees swears to heal a girl infected with a vampire bite--but it may kill them both.

A werewolf who transforms when he uses magic is released from exile to solve the murder of his girlfriend ... The trouble is, the murder hasn't happened yet.

 In a world where monsters exist, it's not easy figuring out who you can trust.

Three sparky little stories for Hallowe'en - not spooky, just fun. 

Every night to help sleep tight, Mackensie reads a book. Read along with Mackensie as he says good night to ghosts and zombies, werewolves and bats, aliens, robots, mutants, and black cats. . .creatures of fiction, folktales, and lore – dragons, big foot, movie monsters, & more. 

“What’s a zombie?” Hmmm. Now, how do I explain zombies to a little kid without giving them nightmares? My Pet Zombie is the answer - written and illustrated specifically to introduce the concept of zombies to curious children without scaring them to death. 

A step-by-step guide to making your own paranormal art for your haunted house or your home sweet home. The detailed and illustrated instructions in the book are all you need to create your own creepy pictures with eyes that follow you.

Dandelion on Fire (Greene Island Mystery Book 1)

Teens with supernatural abilities try to solve a mystery that leads straight back into Greene Island's dark past and the dreaded Curse of Viola.

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