Meet Bruce (Wayne ... my cat)

So Who Is Bruce?

About a month ago, my girls were playing in the front yard with their friends, and they came running into the house claiming they’d found a cat. From a distance, I thought, “No, that’s the neighbor’s cat” because that cat (named Carrot) is also an orange short hair, but Coryn assured me, “No, Carrot has green eyes. This cat has yellow eyes.”

When I got closer, I could tell she was right. Not only because of the eyes but because this fellow was skinny and had a swollen ear. We fed him some of the neighbor’s cat food, but the neighbor said she didn’t want another cat … so impulsively, I snatched him up and put him in my garage.

“I found us a new mousetrap,” I told Matt.

And Bruce has been with us since.

For a day or two after we found him, Bruce went by “Meowy,” which was the name my three-year-old preferred, but after trying on several names, we finally settled on Bruce Wayne. We did post his picture to a local lost pets page, but didn’t have any bites. We really need to make him a vet appointment and maybe check for a microchip, but we haven’t had the funds for a vet bill, and now we’re very much to the point of wanting to keep him.

Bruce is extremely well behaved and affectionate. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat who will meow to be let out then come back in when we call him for dinner a few hours later. The first time he wanted out, I was worried he wouldn’t come back. After all, he obviously got disconnected somehow from his first owners (he’s full grown and much too friendly to have been born a stray or have been living in the wild for any length of time … though he was underweight when we picked him up), so I was worried he’d run off. He’s always come back, though. He sleeps on my desk while I write, which is nice.

At first he wasn’t crazy about our German Shepherd, Caen, but now they seem to tolerate each other (well, Caen would like to be Bruce’s best friend, but Bruce has so far said, “Oh heck no” in response to Caen’s attempted affection.). My biggest concern is our upcoming move, which can be hard enough on a cat, and I can’t see it going well for a cat who has only recently established himself with our family. I do really really really want to keep him though.

He’s my new writing buddy.

Also he's done wonders for my social media interactions. Facebook posts involving Bruce shoot to the top of my "most viewed/most engaging" list in no time. My number one marketing tip from all that I've learned this year? Get a cat.


  1. Aw he's a sweetie. And clearly my future on social media is assured as I have two cats - good to know :D

  2. Lmao. That's some good advice! I've been trying to convince my husband (for years) that we need a cat. He keeps insisting that a cat will not get along with our German Shepherd, but there, you've given me proof! And a cat as a marketing strategy... well, how can anyone argue with that?

    You're very lucky, Heidi. He's a beautiful cat. I've always held to the fact that orange cats are the best cats. I'm totally jealous.

    1. Orange cats seem to definitely be friendlier than the other varieties. The neighbor cat (the one I thought Bruce was at first) is also really congenial.

  3. The Humane Society will check for a chip for free. I can definitely understand wanting to keep him but your conscience will be eased if you check for one before you move. Also, fyi, since cats are usually only required to have their rabies shots, (if they're outdoor kitties, you may want more) you can usually get those discounted, often with a discounted neuter. While vets around here wanted $100 plus to spay my kitty, we got it done for $25 at a spay/neuter clinic. Though if I'd had the funds, I might have preferred the vet as we weren't given any painkillers for afterwards. The rabies shot was only $5.)

    1. He also needs to be neutered and I don't really have a way of knowing if he's ever had a rabies shot, so he needs to go in for a full service, so to speak. We were not prepared to become cat owners again. It just sort of happened.


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