I’m actually writing this in mid-November in a rush of prepping content for my “black out” period. Honestly, I don’t know that I won’t be able to post, but moving can be a weird experience. I don’t know how long we’ll be between homes (staying with relatives, which will be good for the girls who don’t get to see their grandparents all that often) or what our schedules will be like. I’m preparing for the worst case scenario which will be me somewhat unplugged (Honestly, not really a worst case scenario for any aspect of life but my “professional” life as a writer. It would be sort of a forced vacation, though I’m sure I’ll be writing, just not “promoting” and maybe not able to respond to emails from fans/other writers as quickly as I’d like) for upwards of a month.

Of course, it will also be the holiday season, so maybe I should just embrace it. Enjoy the holidays, the family time, and whatnot.

It isn’t as if this is our first move. It’s honestly a lot less intimidating than our last two which were from San Diego to Japan then Japan to Florida. This time we’re going from Florida to SoCal again, but we’ll be hanging out at my parents home in Oregon for a bit in between.

I’ve done my best to schedule occasional blog content in order to keep at least this space active. My Facebook page may no longer have the #DailyDragon feature I’ve been so careful to update consistently. I’ll probably not be tweeting or pinning at all … so depending on how you follow me, you’ll probably see a little to a lot less of me.
I can’t imagine a total blackout, so if you really need to get a hold of me (for, I don’t know, some sort of author emergency, preferably involving dragons) you can use the contact form on to shoot me an email.

So anyway, that’s what I’m up to.


  1. I wondered where you'd been! Hope everything works out all right.

    1. I'll probably be somewhat around. I mean, the interwebs is everywhere. Just not as reliably as usual.


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