Review: The Fifth City

The Fifth City

The Fifty City

Liz Delton
Every war has its casualties. 

For a thousand years, the Four Cities of Arcera lived in peace, until Governor Sorin Greyling discovered the mysterious fifth city: Seascape. 

Its advanced technology far surpasses that of the Four Cities, but why has it remained hidden all this time? 

With Meadowcity still in danger of Greyling’s army, Sylvia must travel to seek help. She finds herself in Seascape, where she meets the formidable Lady Naomi Blackwater. The strange city is reluctant to help, but Lady Blackwater offers Sylvia a chance to prove herself: the Trials. 

The Trials push Sylvia’s physical and mental limits to the breaking point. With each task she learns more about Seascape’s vast technologies—and discovers she is good at manipulating them. But soon she will discover their darkest secret, the reason that kept them apart for a thousand years…

My Review 

I received a free copy in return for my honest review. All opinions stated are my own. 

I really enjoyed book one in this series so I jumped at a chance to read the second. This book really made me want to live in it in places ... actually, all the Seascape Trials had me thinking, "Dang, this would be an awesome adventure game. I would so play the heck out of this if it were an adventure game." (seriously if you know any game developers, give them a heads up)
The book is more scifi than fantasy, though set for the most part in a very low tech world, the sections in the more advanced Fifth City were generally my favorite parts, also partially because while the other characters are fine, Sylvia has the most life in her as far as characters go and it was nice to see her taking on the challenges and finding her way around. She approached them in an optimistic but determined manner I liked. 
My one slight complaint wouldn't be a problem at all except I think the blurb led me to anticipate something really scary from the "darkest secret" bit and I had sort of this aching "I bet this society is really really evil behind all this charade" tension built up, and when we found out about it, it really wasn't that dark, intriguing and opening a lot of new possibilities, but as presented, not particularly dark. 

Overall, though, definitely my favorite story I've read this year so far (har har har).