Review: Turned-A Werewolf Love Story

Turned: A Werewolf Love Story (The Regency Shifter Series Book 1)

K. M. Carroll
A loveless marriage. A werewolf curse. 

In the rainy land of Grayton, Bernard and Charlotte Preston lead separate lives. An arranged marriage has left them with plenty of money and a cold relationship. She craves social esteem--while she wishes for the love her marriage has never contained. 

Bernard is an alchemist who is desperately seeking a cure for the werewolf curse. Yet he, too, is plagued by loneliness and a wistful admiration for his distant wife. 

When the werewolves attack Lyedyn City the night of the Spring Ball, Bernard and Charlotte together fall under the curse. Retaining only their sanity, they flee the wolf hunters and hide deep in the forest. 

Now, hungry and afraid, the estranged couple work together to survive ... and even as their love blossoms, evil forces work to ensure that they never leave the woods. 

This is a sweet romance with a low heat level.

My Review

This is not a genre I'd usually choose to read, but I really enjoyed an early book by the same writer so I knew at least the writing style wouldn't fail me even if the story wasn't my usual cup of tea. I was right about the writing, it's clean and easily read. The story ... well, werewolves still aren't my cup of tea, but this managed to give me two characters who I cared about and take them through a realistic journey from being somewhat self-centered (even the guy, while it isn't directly stated, I got the feeling he didn't see his marriage as worth pursuit prior to the curse.) characters to being people who believably sacrificed for each other. I read this very quickly and enjoyed it. 

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  1. Thanks for giving it a look, even if it wasn't your thing. Seems to me that you prefer your non-humans with scales instead of fur. :-)

    1. Starts to reply ... gets distracted by dragons ...


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