Fantasy Fan Art Contest!!! Fellowship of Fantasy!

The authors comprising the Fellowship of Fantasy have the best readers.
They are discerning readers (obviously). They are clever readers (undeniably). Are they also creative readers?
How could they not be?
Because of these indisputable facts, we are hosting our very first Fellowship of Fantasy Fan Art Contest!

Art is broadly defined, but for the sake of this contest we’ve divided it into four categories (along with a separate category for young artists).
The categories are as follows:
Writing: Stories/Poems/Essay
Visual Art: Painting/Drawing/Sculpture/Textile Art/Photography
Multimedia: Video/Audio/Music/Animation
Juvenile Art: all of the above but the applicant must be 15 or under.

Each category will have a category winner who will receive a Fellowship of Fantasy T-shirt. From the category winners we will select a grand prize winner who will also receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate!

Go for official rules and more information.