Short Story Review Round Up!

I'm a big short story reader. If I'm stuck waiting for my husband in Home Depot, or pushing my kid on a swing for a half hour, or any of the many other people I have to wait for long enough to get bored but too short to get far into a novel, I'll pull out my phone, pick something on my Kindle Ap based on length and try to get through it.

So here are some Short Stories I've enjoyed recently. I've got a good mix of genres today, so there's a little something for everyone.

Father's Day

Valerie Allen
Genre: literary/slice of life
I enjoyed this tight, heartfelt story ... my only complaint isn't actually about the story. It's about the cover and title. This may seem strange, but the cover and title give way too much away about the story. The moment I started it and the idea of an essay was introduced I basically knew what was going to happen from that point out. I think I would've enjoyed it a lot more if there was more of an element of surprise.

The Keymaker

Teshelle Combs
Genre: paranormal/romantic fantasy
This short story definitely feels like it takes part in a larger story. Without looking into it, I could tell the characters and setting were both jumping off into a longer tale, but it was still a quick, interesting read with good imagery. It did make me curious about the world as a whole. 

The More the Merrier

Liwen Ho
Genre: contemporary romance/sweet romance
While not my usual genre, I enjoyed this cute little story. It had likable characters who managed to have believable foibles without making me want to scream at them for stupid choices. A quick read with a satisfying end. 

Fade to Gray

S. A. Molteni
Genre: literary/humor/slice of life
This is a charming short story that tackles aging with humor and confidence. A very quick read, you'll have it done before you know it, but a great way to kill the time when waiting for your husband in the Home Depot parking lot.