50 Self-Published Books worth reading

Read Freely is running their annual "50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading" nomination again. Now through June 3rd, 2016, you can nominate up to three of your favorite self-published books to be featured in their top fifty list!
The book must be self-published AFTER June 1st of 2015. It must be available on at least one major retailer site (Amazon or Barnes and Noble) ... and that's it. The only other requirement is that you enjoyed the book enough to want to give it the spotlight.
I admit: I'd like to see my books nominated this year. I have five that are eligible due to their publications dates, and it would make my year for one of them to make the list. However, if you read another self-published book you liked more than mine, please nominate that! Nominate the book you feel is most deserving.

If you did enjoy my books during this last year, here are the five that are eligible:

Lands of Ash
An Ordinary Knight

Cora and the Nurse Dragon
Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors
Call of the Waters