Review: Dragonspell


by Danyelle Leafty

A fairy godmother can never catch a break. 

Nerissa should have been getting ready to celebrate another successful Happily Ever After. Instead, she has to track down her runaway DID—Damsel in Distress—who may or may not have been kidnapped by a dragon. 

A dragon who happens to be a close, personal friend. 

But time is running out. Her DID has attracted the attention of some very powerful winds bent on gaining their freedom—and they aren’t above using her DID to gain it. 

So that’s one fairy tale temporarily on hold while Nerissa deals with a dragon, seven errant winds, and her DID. 

Because if there’s one thing a fair godmother won’t tolerate, it’s an Unhappily Ever After. 

My Review

This was pleasantly surprising. I kind of expected a very basic fairy tale send up fantasy and while it does have some elements  of that (a little bit of tongue in cheek, self-aware humor, some definite "Fairy Tale cliches with a twist"), the characters and magic are complex. Everything seems to follow set rules which I appreciate (no magical "poof and it just happens"). 
My one complaint, there was a lot going on in the last quarter or so. Sometimes it got a little hard to follow because what was happening was fast paced and a lot flying at me at once and while my instinct in conclusions is to read big gulps to figure out what's going to happen ... this took more, "Okay, I have to carefully imagine how this all fits together" then I personally prefer in climactic scenes. 

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