Review: Magic Weaver

Magic Weaver

Magic Weaver: K. M. Carroll

As a catgirl from another world, Xironi Heartlight spent her childhood trying to blend in with Earth’s humans. She lives with her grandfather in a huge house he expanded with magic, and earns her living by weaving space into tapestries on her magic loom. 

When her friend Carda asks for her help to investigate a series of magical thefts, Xironi is caught up in the twisted schemes of an imprisoned sorcerer, and Alatha, the cutthroat politician he has forced to obey his every command. An innocent girl is taking the fall for it – Revi, the ex-assassin Carda has been training in magic. 

Now Xironi and Revi, together with Carda and his friends, must hunt down and capture Alatha’s probability ghosts from multiple timelines so that Xironi can weave them back together – before Alatha’s final strike brings the fury of an alien race upon them all.

My Review

I was able to dive right in, despite not having read previous installments in this series. There is a little bit of catch up with characters who obviously have a lot of history, but it was inserted naturally and quickly enough that things kept moving. 

This world has believable characters and an extremely complex magic system. It moves at a quick pace, and leads to a satisfying ending, with some "this'll be resolved later" threads but no major cliffhangers. It's also kind of good, quirky fun to see our very normal world mixed with elaborate magical systems and other worldly areas ... plus I'm a sucker for a mechanical cat. Did I mention this has a mechanical cat?
I received an ARC in return for my honest review.

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