Review: World Building from the Inside Out

World Building from the Inside Out

Janeen Ippolito

Go to the heart of your world and build it well! 

Memorable world-building enhances story, attracts readership, and sells books! Find the core of your science fiction or fantasy people and instill your narrative with universal themes and concepts derived from real-world cultures. 

-Explore different religions and governments with concise entries that include ideas for plot and character development 
-Develop key aspects of your society without getting caught up in unnecessary details 
-Learn how the deeper effects of appearance and location can enhance your narrative 

World-Building From the Inside Out challenges you to go deep and build fantastical worlds that truly bring your story to life!

My Review

If you're feeling lost and uncertain where to focus, this is a good primer for creating world building that serves the plot rather than overwhelms it. It contains handy lists of religious and political systems and how they might factor into plots, things to think about, and some warnings about potential "black holes" that may suck you in and keep you from moving forward. All and all a useful primer/workbook for a budding speculative writer.
I received a free copy in return for my honest review.

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