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Fantastic Beasts: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology releases November 17th. To celebrate we've put together a great scavenger hunt and giveaway! You can look through this piece for a number clue then scroll down to read about one of our stories and find a rafflecopter to enter. 
Are you excited for this awesome collection of stories?

Keio and Clara’s Second Chance

Behind the Scenes of The Golden City Captives

Julie C. Gilbert

Sometimes, when I set out to write a story I use characters I’ve created for older works and breathe new life into them. Such was the case for Keio, Clara, and their sleepy little village of Stillwater. They were originally featured in Keio and the Farsight Fire, which was created for an anthology composed of 100-word stories.

Even though I didn’t get the chance to work with Keio long, something about his character stuck with me all these years, so I’m excited to get to share him with readers in a new, bigger, and better way. 100 words is not a lot to get to explore a character’s thoughts, feelings, and fate. 10,000 words on the other hand, is the perfect length for getting to know somebody better.

Keio started out as a ten-year-old boy, but the revision had me aging him up to twelve to fit better with how I’d portrayed him. His gift was always the same, but his fate was not. The old ending failed to wrap things up as satisfactorily, so I revamped the ending to allow for more closure. I’m a big fan of closure.

Clara began as the side-kick, but she soon fought her way to a position of more prominence in my mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if this pair didn’t return in a future work. Their Gifts are kind of cool to play with. Anybody who’s read my other work, knows I’m a huge fan of Gifted people.

I hope you enjoy The Golden City Captives. It is an honor to be amongst such a wide-ranging and intriguing collection of fantasy stories.

Author Bio:
Julie teaches high school Chemistry and writes stories in several genres, including YA scifi, Christian mystery, and mystery/thriller. Where the Light May Lead was her first involvement in an anthology. Fantastic Creatures will be her second foray into anthology territory. She also collects Legos, drinks lots of tea/coffee, reviews random items at Amazon, and enjoys walking outside if the weather’s cooperative.

Where the Light May Lead (Christian Anthology; contains a prequel to Heartfelt Cases)
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Devya’s Children is a YA/scifi series about a group of genetically altered children with Gifts such as telepathy, dream shaping, and controlling emotions.

Heartfelt Cases is a Christian mystery series about a pair of FBI agents and some of their more personal cases.

Shadow Council is a series featuring FBI Special Agent Marcella Scott. This series fits within the Lei Crime Kindle World.
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